SeeDev 2019

Event extraction of genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in plant seed development

SeeDev at BioNLP-OST 2019

The Regulatory Network of Plant Seed Development (SeeDev) Task is part of the BioNLP Open Shared Tasks (BioNLP-OST: and meets the BioNLP-OST standards of quality, originality and data formats.

Manually annotated data is provided for training, development and evaluation of information extraction methods. Tools for the detailed evaluation of system outputs will be available for participants. Support in performing linguistic processing will be provided to the participants in the form of analyses created by various state-of-the art tools on the dataset texts.

Participation to the task is open to the academia, industry, and all other interested parties.

The results of the SeeDev Task will be presented at the BioNLP-OST workshop which is collocated with EMNLP-IJCNPL in Hong-Kong. Participating teams will be invited to publish their system description in the proceedings of the workshop.


The call for the Journal Special Issue is out!

Online evaluation service available to check and evaluate your predictions on the test set.


  • March 19: Training and development data release
  • Early July: Test data release and evaluation
  • August 19: Workshop paper submission
  • Sept. 16: Paper acceptance notification
  • Sept. 26: Camera-ready papers due
  • Nov. 4: BioNLP-OST workshop


A comprehensive understanding of the molecular network underlying the regulation of seed development is a major scientific challenge with high potential impact on fundamental research, agriculture and industry. Seed development requires the coordinated growth of different tissues involving complex genetics and environmental regulation. Most of this knowledge is spread in thousands of articles. The SeeDev task focuses on seed storage and reserve accumulation, which is a critical issue in agriculture.

SeeDev Task Goal

The SeeDev task aims to promote complex event extraction on regulations in plants from scientific articles. It focuses on events describing genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in seed development of the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. It involves n-ary and binary relation extraction.

The SeeDev task was proposed for the first time at BioNLP Shared Task 2016. This 2019 edition is a rerun of the task, with an evaluation methodology more focused on the biological contribution.

Details about the task are given in the Task Description page.