Bio-inspired Computer Vision (Spring 2020)

Here are the projects resulting from the course "Bio-inspired Computer Vision" taught at TU Berlin, Germany, during Spring 2020.

Instructors: Prof. Marianne Maertens (Computational Psychology) and Prof. Guillermo Gallego (Robotic Interactive Perception)

Contrast Sensitivity Functions

Team: Lynn Schmittwilken, Maher Sheikhi Aboumasoudi, Nicolas Roth, Florian Raphael Blume

Paper: Casile, A., et al., Contrast sensitivity reveals an oculomotor strategy for temporally encoding space, eLife 2019.


Event-based optical flow estimation using Gabor-like space-time filters

Team: Linus Schacht

Paper: Khoei, M.A., Benosman, R., Asynchronous Event-Based Motion Processing: From Visual Events to Probabilistic Sensory Representation, Neural Computation (2019). PDF


Event-based optical flow estimation using separable filters

Team: Bing Li

Paper: Brosch, T., Tschechne, S., Neumann, H., On event-based optical flow detection, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2015.


Event-based stereo depth estimation using time correlation

Team: Adina Zell, Weiheng Xia, HongYou Zhou

Paper: Kogler, J., Sulzbachner, C., Humenberger, M., Eibensteiner, F., Address-Event Based Stereo Vision with Bio-Inspired Silicon Retina Imagers, Advances in Theory and Applications of Stereo Vision, 2011. (Section 3.4).


Event-based Cooperative Stereo

Team: Daniil Romanchenko and Sergei Ugriumov

Paper: Firouzi, M. and Conradt, J., Asynchronous Event-based Cooperative Stereo Matching Using Neuromorphic Silicon Retinas, Neural Processing Letters, 2016. PDF


Event-based stereo depth estimation using Gabor filters

Team: Brianne Oberson

Paper: Camuñas-Mesa, L. A., Serrano-Gotarredona, T., Ieng, S. H., Benosman, R. B., Linares-Barranco, B., On the use of orientation filters for 3D reconstruction in event–driven stereo vision, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2014. PDF


Joint inference of multiple quantities (“visual maps”)

Team: Karam Dawoud and Fabio von Schelling Goldman

Paper: Cook, M., Gugelmann, L., Jug, F., Krautz, C., Steger, A., Interacting maps for fast visual interpretation, Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2011. PDF, YouTube


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