Privacy Policy

This describes the privacy policies for the programs/applications described on this site.

If you would like to report any violations of this policy, please contact the developer.

GRouteLoader IQ (Garmin Connect IQ)

GRouteLoaderIQ doesn’t do any tracking itself. It does pass your geographical location to websites and it can pass a unique identifier (unique to the device) that the website could use for tracking.

This means you should only use URLs to websites you trust in the application settings!

A website might use your location to only show routes that are near you. The unique identifier is only passed if “{uniqueid}” is in the URL for the website. This means that you can “opt out” of providing this information by not including this string in the application settings.

A website might use the unique id to restrict access to users with registered devices.

GRouteLoader (MS Windows)

  • The GRouteLoader application accesses your Documents (folders and files) on your computer.
  • The GRouteLoader application provides an option to enter your Ride With GPS (RWGPS) account information (an email address and a password), which it stores on your PC. This account information is only used to download your route/courses from RWGPS. GRouteLoader does not need this information to download RWGPS routes/courses that are public. You don't need a RWGPS account to use the GRouteLoader program. (This is an optional feature.)
  • The GRouteLoader application provides an option to set-up a file server on your PC. It uses your computer's IP address. (This is an optional feature.)

BC2GE (MS Windows)

The BC2GE application does not collect any user information. No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with.