GRouteLoader IQ

GRouteLoader IQ (app and widget) lets you download routes/waypoints directly to your Garmin GPS device wirelessly. These are installed on your Connect IQ Garmin GPS device (like apps on a smartphone).



  • Your pinned routes on Ride With GPS (RWGPS, ridewithgps).
  • Routes/trips from RWGPS (public, personal, or club) using the route/trip number.
  • Public courses from Garmin Connect using the course number.
  • Routes from the gexporter Android app (works like the gimporter IQ app).
  • GRouteLoader is available as an IQ app and an IQ widget (which you can use during an activity). It works on nearly any Garmin IQ device (Edges, watches, and hiking GPSs).
  • Waypoints from the website (works like the sendpoints IQ app). This lets you get a 4 digit number for a place you search for.
  • Waypoints from Plus Codes (OLC). GRouteLoader also displays the plus code for your current location.
  • Combines functions of 4 IQ apps into one.
  • With some technical know-how, it would be fairly easy to use GRouteLoader to display rides from of a bicycle club (or your own custom) website.

(If you find the app useful, consider making a contribution )

GRouteLoader also can be used as a "micro browser" to custom websites. For example, bicycle clubs can create a page that shows a ride schedule which lets members download routes. You only have to deal with the web programming part (GRouteLoader uses JSON) since the Garmin IQ app is already written.

You can use in the application settings as a demonstration of using it to display information from a website.

Getting/Installing the app

You can get the app on the Garmin Connect IQ store via:

  1. Garmin Express on your PC.
  2. Garmin Connect Mobile (on the smartphone you paired your Garmin to).
  3. the Garmin IQ “App Store”.

The installation of the programs onto your device gets done by “syncing” the device either through plugging it into the computer running Garmin Express or through Garmin Connect Mobile (which syncs wirelessly).

This is available as a Device App (can only be used when not recording a activity) or as a Widget (can be used while recording an activity). You can install both (but try the Device App first).

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Screen Shots

Example using GRouteLoader for a Bicycle Club ride schedule

It's fairly easy to write a web page that lets GRouteLoader let club members see scheduled rides and download the route for the rides. (See the PDF for more information.)

User Interface

A very nice review

This is a review about the 520 but GRouteLoader is discussed at the bottom.