Event Safety

Safety and Course Closure Time

Note 1: All starters should carry a whistle.

This has been a long-standing recommendation and is a matter of safety. Even a simple mishap could become serious if not dealt with quickly. Should you require assistance when out on a course the signal for help is:

          • six blasts on the whistle at 10 second intervals,

          • then a pause of 1 minute before repeating.

Note 2: There will be a 1:00pm course closure dead-line.

Unless otherwise notified, if you are still out on course at 1pm you should immediately abandon your course and proceed directly to the Finish point. Collection of control posts may commence and you should not presume to find any further controls on your course.

For our Club Events - Bush Series - be sure to START EARLY if you expect

to record a slow time on your chosen course. (see Note 2)

Notice of Risk

Notice of Risk applicable to ALL Events

The club advises that anyone (member or non-member) taking part in an orienteering event does so at their own risk. Therefore the following notice will be on display at the start or registration point of each event and all entrants will be asked to read it and accept the conditions.

"In entering this Orienteering event, I recognise that the sport of orienteering has certain inherent risks due to its conduct in the natural environment. Included in these risks are injury due to rough terrain and obstacles and the effects of heat, cold and exhaustion. I am also aware that there is no personal accident insurance on my participation in the sport and that I take part at my own risk."