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Current 2023 Event Series Schedule

2023 Bush Series - Events   -  

12-Mar, Sunday - Bush Event #1  -  Lake Canobolas and AGM

 **26 Mar  - Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge, Mt Canobolas

2-Apr, Sunday - Bush Event #2   - Bridle Track  (Clifton Grove) 

** 8-10th April - Aus Easter 3 days - Cooma, ACT 

**20-21st May NSW State League 5/6 - Kahli's Roack and Gumble, Orange NSW

28-May, Sunday - Bush Event #3 - Ophir South

** 10-12th June - NSW State League SL7/8/9 - Kings B'day 3 days - Newcastle area

18-Jun, Sunday - Bush Event #4  - Oakey Creek  

2-Jul, Sunday - Bush Event #5   - Botanic Gardens

6-Aug, Sunday - Bush Event #6   -  Gosling Creek

** 19-20th August - NSW /ACT Sate League - Collector Hill / Mudering shed, ACT

3- Sept, Sunday - Bush Event #7  - Ophir North 

**9-10th September NSW Champs SL14/15 - Breakfast Creek, Mudgee NSW

**30 Sep - Aus 24/8hr Rogaining Champs, Goobang NP, NE of Parkes 

**30 Sep - 8 Oct - Australian Orienteering Champions Carnival, WA

** 14-15th Oct - Lonely Mountain Ultra, Mt Canobolas

15- Oct ?? , Sunday - Bush Event #8   -  Rock Falls

** Other National or regional events 

2023 Park Series - Events   -  Nov to Dec

TBC  locations /dates

2024 Summer Series - Events   -  Feb

TBC  locations /dates

Previous session calendars 

2022 Bush Series - Events   -  

Sun 13th March Bush Event #1  -  Lake Canobolas and AGM

 Sun 3rd April Bush Event #2   - Clifton Grove Bush

Sun 1st May Bush Event #3   - Ophir South

14th -15th May  - NSW Sate League (SL)  5 & 6 - Wyangala  & Roseberg  State Forest 

11th to 13th June - QBIII - 3 days - Wagga 

Sun 19th June Bush Event #4   - Rocky Falls 

Sun 24th July Bush Event #5   - Botanic Gardens

Sun 21st August Bush Event #6   -  Oaky Creek (cancelled due to creek unsafe)

Sun 18th September Bush Event #7   -  Ophir North 

Sun 9th October Bush Event #8   -  Lake Canobolas

5th - 6th  November - NSW Stage League  - Molong & Rocky Falls

2022 Park Series - Events   -  Nov/Dec

2023 Summer Series - Events   -  Feb

3 February    Elephant Park   Corner of Lamrock Ave and Sampson Street 

10 February  Cook Park         North-east part; Line and Relay events

17 February   Belair                Max Stewart Oval 

24 February   Clover Hill         Brendan Sturgeon Oval. 

2021 Bush Series  events / results: 

14 Mar 21 - Bush Event #1  -  Lake Canobolas and AGM 


28 Mar 21  - Volcanic Mountain Challenge, Mt Canobolas. (GSN is a partner in this event)


2 Apr 21 - CSU  Park Sprint (part of Easter Carnival )

3 - 5 Apr 21  - Australian 3 day -  Easter Carnival - Molong Area  

7 Apr 21  - Orange Botanic Gardens - Park Event  (part of Easter Carnival )

8 Apr 21  - Ophir Reserve South - Bush Event  (part of Easter Carnival )                         


10-11 Apr 21 - NSW State Champs, Eugowra


2 May 21 - Bush Event #2 - Oaky Creek North


6 Jun 21 - Bush Event #3 - Rocky Falls


4 Jul 21  - Bush Event #4 - Ophir North


8 Aug 21 - Bush Event #5 - Botanic Gardens (Hill Street entrance )


24 Oct 21 - Bush Event #6 - Ophir South


Cancelled  - Bush Event #7 - Kahli’s Rocks  ( Cancelled - due Covid lock down event delays)

20-21 Nov 21  - NSW Middle and Long Champs,  Lithgow - Gardiners Gap & Long Swamp

2021 Park Series - Events   -  

Fri  29-Oct-21  #1   Elephant Park , Sale St, opposite the velodrome 

Fri  5-Nov-21  #2  *********CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN ******

Fri  12-Nov-21  #3 ********CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN ******

Fri  19-Nov-21  #4  Gosling Creek, Forest Rd

Fri  26-Nov-21  #5  CSU Orange , Leeds Parade

Fri 3-Dec-21   #6 Botanic Gardens, Hill St

2022 Summer Street Series  - Events/ Results 


4 Feb  Bel-Air,    Max Stewart Park, Sieben Drive


11 Feb Clover Hill,  Guide Hall, Peisley Street


18 Feb Calare Wiare Reserve, Wiare Circuit


25 Feb Brooklands,  Albert Street

 Additional to our regular program.

****   Suburban Street Courses:

We plan to offer a range of street courses for most of the suburbs of Orange. These will have a

scatter of control sites with some questions for each site, such as ‘what type of letter box does

house 33 have’? You can do these in your own time walking, running or on your bike. You can make

your own course or set one for someone else and do part one day and part another. There is no

timing, just an opportunity to see a part of Orange you might not be familiar with. They are just for

fun and exercise. There will not be a start and finish. Start and finish wherever you like.

See our Facebook  page (also embedded in our Home Page) for more details.

We hope you enjoy these activities. If you have suggestions for other things we might do within the

current regulations and health guidelines let us know.

Take care and remember to keep well separated.


          Our Bel-Air map is bounded by Northern Distributor, Mitchell Hwy and Forbes Road.

Summer Street Series - event details   

Storm Session note-  We are monitoring for each event and we update for any changes, check Facebook and website on the day. 

Starts: 6pm,  course closes 7:30PM  

Date            Map               Start Location

Park Series - event details   

Storm Session note-  We are monitoring for each event and we update for any changes, check Facebook and website on the day. 

Starts: 6pm,  course closes 7:30PM  (Must finish by 7:30PM )  

Date            Map               Start Location

Bush Events Series 

Club Bush Events run from March to October once a month in beautiful bush locations area Orange area. Usually the first Sunday of the month but the dates moves sometimes based on regional events. so check the Events / Results page for full series schedule. 

Next Event: 


Event starts at 10am  

Refer to map locations link for map directions.