The Real Name of God

World Scholars & Spiritual Leaders Praise

“In these pages, Wayne Dosick has revealed himself to be a spiritual master of our time. With sensitivity and wisdom, Rabbi Dosick has written a work of rare religious meaning that will serve to instruct and guide all of us who search for the experience of God in our lives. This is a book of religious faith and depth."

Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President ~ Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

“Rabbi Wayne Dosick provides an important entranceway for the spiritual seeker who has encountered the great Self and wondered how to connect. He allows us to identify personally and intimately with the Infinite Source of the universe.”

Rabbi Dr. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, ~ “Grandfather” of the Jewish Renewal movement, author, Credo of a Modern Kabbalist

“Rabbi Wayne Dosick is a highly creative and innovative thinker who has written a book that is engaging, easy to read, deeply satisfying, and very practical. Old theological mysteries are artfully solved. As a Christian, I now understand the Hebrew Scriptures in new ways that bring me further into the presence of the Living God. The prayers and meditations written by the good rabbi will open your heart and be a song for your soul.”

The Rev. Fr. James J. O’Leary, S.J., ~ Tertian Director for Jesuit priests, and Spiritual Director for faculty, staff, and administrators, Marquette University

“Rabbi Wayne captivated me from the start. This scholarly and accessible book guides us beyond contradiction to the True Name and, therefore, the Full Essence of God. My prayer is that we are ready to receive this revelation of the Wholeness of Source and the GodSelf of human being.”

Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, ~ Community Spiritual Leader (National President) United Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Church of Religious Science)

“Rabbi Wayne Dosick once again reveals his passion for religion, his quest for the Divine, and his commitment for both plumbing the depths and scaling the heights of faith and belief. With his roots firmly grounded in tradition, Dosick never fails to ask the ultimate questions of faith, and he looks for answers that are continually novel and forever relevant. He is fearless in his search for the spirit, as he explores meanings behind meanings, and worlds beyond worlds. His combination of intellect and inspiration are alive, warm, and embracing.”

Dr. David M. Posner, Senior Rabbi, ~ Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York

“Rabbi Dosick provides us with a brilliant and crystal clear understanding of the all-encompassing God of love. Surely this is a much needed message for all who are seeking a fresh and direct route into personal faith.”

Rabbi Leah Novick, author, ~ On the Wings of Shekhinah: Rediscovering Judaism’s Divine Feminine

“With quality scholarship, the skill of a classical midrashist (interpreter of Scripture), the wisdom of Kabbalah and other spiritual teachings, Rabbi Wayne Dosick adroitly parses a broad array of biblical texts and life experiences, to offer new insights into the nature and name of God. Dosick also formulates religious chants and prayers that enable his readers to connect with this God within the universe and within the self. The Real Name of God speaks to pressing issues of our age — the reactionary growth of fundamentalist movements, the conflicts between religious traditions, the much-needed growing dialogue and search for unity across faith communities. This well-written, well-argued, provocative, and enlightening book should be of great interest both to individuals raised within the Western traditions and to all spiritually sensitive people.”

Joel Gereboff, Ph.D., ~ Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Arizona State University

“The Real Name of God is theology that reads like a mystery novel. With scholarship, personal reflection, and wisdom, Rabbi Wayne Dosick points to what is in plain view but overlooked in sacred text: God’s name is Anochi, “I Am,” the source of life and the longing to love who transcends and includes all that exists. Guiding both a celebration of Jewish expression and universal belonging, The Real Name of God evokes a life-throbbing, spiritually uplifting call by Anochi to each of us.”

Rabbi Elie Spitz, author, Does the Soul Survive?

“Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick has the extraordinary ability to blend worlds — to balance the rigors of scholarly, measured discourse, while writing as a Rebbe, and being a guide to the soul.

The Real Name of God is the rare book that introduces the reader to the Blessed Holy One, the sacred Presence that suffuses all life and experience. It is about being ready to say “Hineini” (Here Am I) to God - knowing that God has already made that commitment to us. The prayers and meditations that Rebbe Wayne has written serve as inspiring and very effective pathways to help us come to God, and surely find a growing sense of spiritual reward.

There are many in our contemporary times who are in search of spiritual guidance, but are not willing to sacrifice intellectual integrity. This book will allow the reader to adopt Rabbi Dosick as philosopher, guide, and friend, for he succeeds in speaking to the mind, the heart, and the soul. The world (Jewish and non-Jewish alike) is much richer for Rabbi Dosick's teachings.”

Rabbi Dr. Samuel Barth ~ Senior Lecturer in Liturgy and Worship Jewish Theological Seminary

“Rabbi Wayne Dosick introduces us to a holy interface with Divinity, a way for us to grasp humanly the utterly transcendent Ein Sof / Infinite God. He reveals what has been hidden before our eyes, God as the Great Hineyni, the Great “Here I Am.” We need a name that recognizes that when we say we are created b’tzelem Elohim, in the Divine archetype, microcosms of the Divine Macrocosm, we mean that what makes us human includes our personhood, our self-understanding as “I.” God in God’s Infinity includes God “Godding” as “self,” as I, and as Thou. How can we fulfill the mitzvah of our times, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ without recognizing that the Holy ‘I Am’ is an essential partner in every loving relationship? Rabbi Dosick is a powerful teacher for our times.”

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg, Ph.D. ~ Professor of Religion Emeritus, University of Florida, Faculty, Aleph Rabbinic Program