The Real Name of God

Embracing the Full Essence of The Divine

The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine begins with the deep insight that none of the names of God that we know from the Bible — nor any of the names by which God is later identified and known — is God’s real Name.

Every God-name — including the Bible’s “main name,” YHWH — reflects only one of God’s aspects, attributes, or characteristics. None embodies the wholeness, the totality, the full Essence of God.

Picture a beach ball, with its many colored panels.

God is the Divine Beach Ball.

Each of the names we have for God is only one panel of the Ball. None is the whole Divine Beach Ball; none is God’s real name, and since, “You don’t know something until you know its name,” we have never wholly known the real God.


By challenging long-held, comfortable beliefs, by re-imagining and re-translating the biblical text, and by combining quality scholarship with sacred spirit, we discover the real Name of God that has been hiding from us for all these years — right in plain sight in the Bible.


God's real name is Ancohi.

Anochi is God.

Anochi is the wholeness, the totality, the complete, full Essence of God.

In the Bible, the Name is spoken in the Voice of God when the complete Essence of the Divine is vital to the event or the teaching.It is spoken in the voice of human beings when a person asks: how can I come into the fullness of my GodSelf, to touch God within me?

With this revolutionary revelation, we come to know the grand God of the vast universe, and the Inner God of breath and soul. We find:

• that the harsh, sometimes angry and arbitrary behavior of God is only one aspect of the Divine;

• that God is the Everything of the Everything, containing both genders, and all the seeming opposites, contradictions, paradoxes, and mysteries of the universe.

• and that the real Name of God is shared by all three biblically-sourced religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, affirming our Oneness —One God. One World. One People.

In the second part of the book, with chants that can be heard on our website, and with newly-written prayers, and meditations — we journey on pathways of mind and spirit that can bring each one of us into deep, personal, intimate, loving relationship with God, and ever-closer to a world of Oneness.

The Real Name of God is a book for people of every religion and of no religion, of all faiths and of no faith, for spiritual seekers and rational empiricists — for everyone who perceives the Bible’s tremendous impact on human life and civilization, and everyone who has ever wondered about God.

The Real Name of God invites every person on Earth to come to The God Revolution: to journey to Sinai once again to discover the real Name of God, and to meet God — Face to Face.