RABBI WAYNE DOSICK, Ph.D., D.D. the author of The Real Name of God; Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine, is the founder and spiritual guide of The Elijah Minyan, in San Diego, California. Rabbi Dosick has served San Diego Jewry for the past fourty-five years — most notably at Congregation Beth El in La Jolla, as the founder of Congregation Beth Am, now in Carmel Valley, and, for the past twenty-nine years with The Elijah Minyan — making him the longest serving Rabbi in the community.

For more than seventeen years (1988 - 2005), he served as an Adjunct Professor and Visiting Associate Professor at the University of San Diego, teaching the only courses in Jewish Studies at this Catholic university.

Currently, he is the host of SpiritTalk Live!: Journeys into Mind, Heart, and Soul, a monthly Internet radio program, heard on HealthyLife.net. SpirtTalk Live! is a worldwide conversation for exploring the great questions of existence, for joining in the quest to find meaning and worth in life though intellectual inquiry and sacred spirit.

Long involved in media, he was an early pioneer in religious video, producing The Video Synagogue for hospitals and nursing homes in the early 1980s.

Rabbi Dosick is the best-selling, award-winning author of eight previous critically acclaimed books.

His newest book, Radical Loving: One God. One World. One People. will be published in the Spring of 2021 by Monkfish Publishing.

For a complete bibliography of his books, please view Rabbi’s Books.

For almost twenty years — until its much lamented demise because of the financial failure of its publishers — he was a Contributing Editor of The San Diego Jewish Times, which published more than 400 of his bi-weekly columns, “Rabbinic Insights,” his religious, political, and social commentary.

His articles and essays have appeared in a number of periodicals and anthologies, and he contributed more than fifty entries to An Introductory Dictionary of Theology and Religious Studies (Liturgical Press, 2007.)

Articles about Rabbi Dosick and his books have appeared in more than 85 newspapers and periodicals, and he has appeared on more than 300 radio and television shows, including “Good Morning America,” the Larry King Show, CNN, and NPR. He has spoken and conducted seminars, workshops, and has been scholar-in-residence at more than 200 bookstores, synagogues, churches, schools, universities, and seminaries, hospitals and health care facilities, businesses and corporations, and community organizations throughout the country. He is a master teacher who has taught in settings as diverse as: The Aleph Kallah, Elat Chayyim, Ruach HaAretz, the (West Coast) National Chavurah Institute, and the Wexner Foundation. He was once dubbed “America’s favorite Rabbi.”

Rabbi Dosick’s trans-denominationalism in the Jewish world is evidenced by his memberships in the Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative), the Central Conference of American Rabbis (Reform), and Ohalah (the Association of Jewish Renewal Rabbis.) He is a past president of the San Diego Rabbinical Association, and throughout the years, he served on numerous community boards and committees in San Diego. For six years, he served on the national Board of Directors of Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger, where he chaired The Rabbinic Table, and now serves on its prestigious Advisory Council.

As Dean of Development (1999 - 2000), he was instrumental in bringing a branch of the pluralistic rabbinical and cantorial seminary, the Academy for Jewish Religion, to California, and still serves on its Academic Advisory Council.

In 1998, his alma mater, the Hebrew Union College, awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in recognition of his twenty-five years of innovative and sacred service to the American Jewish community. In 2005, the Jewish Theological Seminary also awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, making him one of the few rabbis to be recognized by both America’s Reform and Conservative seminaries with an honorary degree.

Rabbi Dosick and his wife, Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW — the world master practitioner and teacher of the psycho-spiritual therapy Soul Memory Discovery , and the channel-author of the bi-monthly Internet publication, Cosmic Times. Ellen has been described as a “modern day prophet,” and has been designated as a “Woman of Vision — Connector of Worlds.” They live in La Costa (north county San Diego) California, where their home is a center for prayer, learning, and healing, and a gathering place for intellectual and spiritual seekers.

Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick is a dynamic, inspiring, and loving educator, writer, spiritual guide and healer, who teaches and counsels about faith and spirit, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.

The worship services he leads are highly acclaimed for their deep prayer and meditation, joyous singing and chanting, and warm, heimesh atmosphere that encourages deep connection to God and to a community of friends.

He is well-known for quality scholarship and sacred spirit, his reading of traditional texts for their sense of prophetic social justice, his abiding commitment to utmost dignity and decency for every human being, and his lifetime of guiding people to a deep, personal, intimate relationship with the Divine.

He has been described as a “rational intellect with the soul of a mystic,” and he has been called “one of the most gifted teachers of our generation, who understands the mindset, needs, and yearnings of people, and responds to this intellectual and inner searching in peerless fashion.” In response to his newest book, The Real Name of God, he has been called “a spiritual master of our time.”

Rabbi Dosick is eager to share the revolutionary revelation of the real Name of God, and to invite people into The God Revolution — to meet God “Face to Face.”