The Real Name of God

Embracing the Full Essence of The Divine

"In these pages, Wayne Dosick has revealed himself to be a spiritual master of our time." *
"... theology that reads like a mystery novel."
"Old theological mysteries are artfully solved. As a Christian, I now understand the Hebrew Scriptures in new ways that bring me further into the presence of the Living God."
"Rabbi Dosick has the extraordinary ability to blend worlds - to balance the rigors of scholarly, measured discourse, while writing as a Rebbe, and being a guide to the soul."
"With roots firmly grounded in tradition, Dosick never fails to ask the ultimate questions of faith. ... His combination of intellect and inspiration are alive, warm, and embracing.
"Rabbi Dosick provides us with a brilliant and crystal clear understanding of the all-encompassing God of love. Surely this is a much needed message for all who are seeking a fresh and direct route into personal faith."
"The prayers and meditations written by the good rabbi will open your heart and be a song for your soul."
"Rabbi Dosick provides us with an important entranceway for he spiritual seeker who has encountered the great Self and wondered how to connect. He allows us to identify personally and intimately with the Infinite Source of the universe." * for the authors of these quotes, please see the Praise page.

the intriguing and fascinating account of the revolutionary discovery of the Name of the Whole, Complete God, and coming to know the grand God of the vast universe, and the Inner God of breath and soul; a journey on pathways of mind and spirit that brings each one of us into a deep, personal, intimate, loving relationship with God, and closer to a world of Oneness.


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