How Do I Start?

About This Site

You want to set and achieve goals?  Good! You’ve come to the right place.  My goal is to help you become more effective in your personal life, your business, your community interests, and your family by setting and achieving goals.


#1 – LEARN

– Browse the content.  Click on the tags.  Take a quick tour and look around.  Spend some time reading a few articles.  Checkout the links on the site.  Download my free book and read it.

– Get motivated and stay motivated. Come back regularly.  Subscribe to my Goal-Tip of the Week.

#2 – ACT

– Take notes as you learn.  Start writing a dream sheet.  Make up lists of goals: lifetime goals, 5 year goals, 1 year goals, 1 week goals, 1 day goals (tasks).

– Keep your lists where you can find them and review them regularly.

– Make your goals measurable and specific.

– Set deadlines.

#3 – SHARE

– Share your goals with others.  This helps you stay committed to your goals.

– Become part of the discussion. Make comments. Offer your ideas.  Ask questions.

– Create your own website, blog, or group…and keep on goaling!