The Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association

The Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association is a Professional Organization dedicated to the support of professional music teachers.   It is an affiliate of the Tennessee Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association.

"Working for a More Musical Tomorrow "

Engage! Sustain!   Inspire!

Our Mission: to promote professional fraternity among music teachers, to stimulate professional growth among music teachers, to encourage a greater respect on the part of  the public at large for the music teaching profession, and to support the objectives of the Tennessee Music Teachers Association and of the Music Teachers National Association.

With great sadness, we share with you that Sam Viviano, one of GMMTA's honorary members and Professor Emeritus at the University of Memphis, passed away on Thursday evening, March 21 at Saint Francis Hospital in Memphis.  An active and long time member of GMMTA, Sam was selected as Teacher of the Year for 2011 and also as Composer of the Year for 2007.

Sam was a generous and creative colleague, alway willing to share his knowledge and passion with others.  As a teacher, through his compositions, artwork and poetry he found many creative ways to communicate his extensive knowledge to students of all ages.

Rest in Peace, Sam.  You will be missed.

To read the obituary published in the U of M, School of Music the Blue Note Magazine,  click here

GMMTA Spring Auditions

Circle and Lane Music

Saturday, April 20

Welcome GMMTA New President Daryl Rojas!

We are happy to welcome Daryl Rojas as the 2023-2023 GMMTA President.  Daryl has been in the Graduate program at the U of Memphis and is now a professional member of GMMTA and MTNA.  Daryl, along with other U of M students, has presented several programs for our members.

Please see Daryl's bio on the Executive Board page.

The Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association is committed to ensuring that each member of the community works or studies in an environment free from any form of unlawful discrimination or harassment that is based on race, color, religion, age, disability, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or any legally protected class or basis (each a “protected class”). The Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination and harassment in education.