Trash Reminder (click here and look down)

August 21, 2019

Glenn Meadows Board of Directors

Hello neighbors!

Let’s talk some trash!

The mission of the Glenn Meadows Homeowners’ Association includes two important points:

· Keep our development neat, clean, and orderly

· Preserve or improve our property values

One problem we have all faced at one time or another is trash: setting our trash bins out the evening before collection and bringing them back in promptly after pickup, trash blowing out of bins all over the neighborhood, and bulky items sitting at the curb for days or weeks.

We want to remind everyone in our community about their responsibility for ensuring that trash and recycling are handled timely and properly. One of our main allies in keeping our neighborhood neat, clean, and orderly is Apple Valley Waste (AVW), which provides these services for its customers:

· Recycling pickup on Mondays: Paper, cardboard, and #1 and #2 plastic jugs and bottles. (No glass, no plastic bags.)

· Trash pickup on Thursdays: Trash should be bagged and placed in bins. (No more than 35 pounds per bag.)

· Bulky item pickup: Twice per month, at no extra cost, but you have to call AVW a couple of days in advance. Bulky items include washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, and other appliances; bicycles; furniture; tires off the rim less than 16” in diameter; and other items that are too large or too heavy to be placed inside a trash bag.

· Yard waste pickup service: Yard waste must be put in large, biodegradable paper bags available at Home Depot, Lowes, and probably elsewhere. Call AVW to purchase yard waste stickers, and place one sticker on each bag. You can also bundle sticks and branches (no more than 4 feet long and no more than 35 pounds per bundle).

· Automotive waste, paint, pesticides, televisions, computers, refrigerators, AC units, and other special items: Call AVW to find out what to do with these items that require special handling.

· If you have a lot of stuff that no longer “sparks joy,” (with a nod to Marie Kondo, author of the Life-Changing Joy of Tidying Up): AVW rents BIGHANDY bags for getting rid of all the junk at once.

· Lots of cardboard boxes or paper to get rid of? Consider bringing them to the Ox Paperboard recycling facility in Halltown. Just drive up next to the dumpsters and toss everything in! Or, post a “curb alert” on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Someone who’s packing to move will be grateful to pick up your boxes.

Blowing trash (and collection bins) seems to be an increasing problem mostly because high winds and storms seem to be becoming more common. AVW’s recycling bins that do not have lids are a mess! On windy days, everything blows out of them. We strongly recommend that you contact AVW to obtain one of their sturdy, wheeled recycling bins. They have attached lids, so they keep paper and cardboard dry and keep everything contained.

If you have too much trash to fit in your bin, please bag it up and set the bags next to the bin.

Please bring in your bins as soon as possible after collection—preferably the same day but no later than the next day—so they do not blow around on the streets and in yards. Occasionally, snowy weather or mechanical problems will also lead to delays in picking up our trash and recycling, but these events are quite rare.

Note that trash pickups are delayed during certain holiday weeks. For the remainder of 2019:

· Thanksgiving (Nov. 28): Trash pickup will be delayed by 1 day.

· Christmas (Dec. 25): Trash pickup will be delayed by 1 day.

We ask that everyone please adhere to these guidelines. We all benefit from having a neighborhood that looks great and enhances everyone’s peaceful enjoyment of their property.

Apple Valley Waste: (304) 724-1834;

Glenn Meadows HOA Website:

Jefferson County recycling drop-off, including glass:

Questions or concerns? Please reach out to the HOA Board’s president Fred Dubay ( or the secretary Karen Eddleman (