1. No lot shall be further subdivided and all lots shall be used for the construction of single family dwellings only.
  2. All homes shall be completed prior to being occupied and all exteriors shall be completed so as not to detract from the value of other property owners. There shall be no temporary siding or sheathing and no exposed unfinished cinder/concrete-blocks.
  3. There shall be no commercial or industrial activities conducted within the development.
  4. There shall be no temporary buildings allowed, except those necessary for construction and utilized during that period of construction.
  5. No mobile homes or house trailers of any size or type shall be parked or kept in the development at any time, temporarily or otherwise.
  6. All homes shall utilize county and state health department approved wells and septic systems.
  7. No animals, livestock, or poultry shall be raised, bred, or kept on any lot excepting domestic dogs, cats, or household pets, provided they are not raised, bred, or kept for commercial purposes.
  8. No building shall be erected on any lot nearer than twenty-five (25) feet to the front property line thereof, nor nearer than fifteen (15) feet to the side or rear property lines. These setbacks shall apply also to the placement of television satellite dishes, antennas, swimming pools, and pet houses.
  9. All homes must have approximately 2,000 square feet minimum finished/heated areas of living space, and all house plans must be approved in writing by the developer and his assigns/agent prior to construction, subject to an architect's review.

10. All electrical services and telephone lines shall be installed underground.

11. No unused vehicles of any kind shall be stored or kept in the development.

12. All storage buildings shall be constructed of the same exterior materials as the house on the same lot and shall not detract from the value of the other property owners.

13. Final grading during and after construction shall be done in such a way as not to divert the natural flow of water as existed prior to construction.

14. All lots shall be maintained/mowed and kept free of debris and litter, vacant or constructed upon.

15. Invalidation of any one of these covenants by judgment, court order, or otherwise, shall in no way effect any other covenant(s) which shall remain in full force and effect for perpetuity.

16. Upon acceptance of a deed, all lot owners shall become members of Glenn Meadows Homeowners Association and at that time shall deposit no less than one hundred dollars ($100.00), per years to be utilized at the discretion of the Board of Directors of said Association for road maintenance and snow removal. Until the time such an Association is formed, the developer or his assigns/agent shall collect, deposit, and handle the road maintenance fund. An Association shall be formed upon the sale of more than twenty-five percent of the lots with each lot owner having one vote and by-laws and officers elected by simple majority vote.

17. All drain fields and homes shall be erected in the proper designated areas and all driveways shall connect with the development road as designated (by) the developer.

18. A variance of any one of the above numbered restrictive covenants can occur if no less than 85 % (28 of 33), of the lot owners agree in writing upon such a modification.