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Full Dome Production

I have been creating immersive full dome animation for over 20 years. I've built massive, highly detailed terrains for planetary bodies such as Pluto, Mars, Tritan, Enceladus, Eros, Europa, the Moon, Psyche, and other celestial landscapes. Fluid simulations of the Sun. Simulations of the milkyway galaxy. Planetary magnetic field simulations. Read more about my full dome production work here. I'm working on updating my site with tutorials and production tips for working in 360 and full dome animation. 


Demo 2021

NOR a nanopunk pinball fantasy

The codex of "Nor" sparks an interest in pinball games not designed by any human. There is a breed of cybernetic organisms evolving, and building technology to assimilate new organisms into their collective. Unwitting players in their game of addiction need to fight their way back into reality. 

Macro Processing Core

The Volaspire

vending machines

sound and vision

generation A

life on mars


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