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Gamification Code of Ethics

  1. Honesty

    • Gamification designers should be honest with both users and clients.

    • Clients should be given realistic expectations of what can be achieved with gamification.

    • Gamification should not be used as a way to dishonestly gather information that a user would not freely give up under other circumstances.

  2. Integrity

    • Gamification should take into consideration accepted regional social practices, personal or ethical boundaries and general human rights, and should not be used to manipulate people into breaking them.

    • Gamification should not be used for illegal activities (as defined by the laws of the countries and locales for which its use is intended).

    • Gamification should not be used to manipulate users, especially those most venerable such as the elderly or children, for commercial purposes.

    • Gamification designers will not claim propriety of other’s published work.

  3. Transparency

    • Encourage openness about the system to both users and clients, (within the limits of copyright, intellectual property and trade secrets), such as;

      • What the aims of the system are

      • What data the system will collect

      • How the data collected is to be used

    • Encourage free access to information.

    • Never share personal data without the appropriate consent.

  4. Quality

    • Gamification practitioners should should always provide the best service and experience possible for every user and client.

  5. Respect

    • Gamification should not be used to make statements justifying violence, LGTBphobia, racism, abuse, misogyny or similar.

    • Consider the impact and sustainability that projects and workshops may have on the environment.