21st Century STEM Alg

Welcome to 21st Century STEM Algebra

You will need a Google Account to complete some projects.

The first Project is a getting to know you Vision board found in this Google Doc: Vision Board

Your second Assignment! Excel Scavenger Hunt Project 0.1


EXCEL Tutorial Project 0.2

Download the following booklet to your H:/Drive

Excel Tutorial

Complete the example Spreadsheet tasks using the Tutorial book and this Spreadsheet:

Download this Spreadsheet - Save a copy for you as Excel Project_YOURNAME and submit it to the Dropbox above by Monday for credit

Bonus: Complete the following Internet Scavenger Hunt for a bonus 10 points!

Create a copy of the Google Doc in you're own Google Drive, complete each activity and answer the question. Once you are finished select share and send to my Gmail.

Read Chapter 1 Section 1 on Making Multi-Criteria Decisions. Follow the questions page and answer each question. Download the Cellphone Template for Section 1.1.

Read Section 2, Choosing a College. Download the College Choice Template for Section 1.2.

Chapter 2 Resources

Chapter 2 Sections 1 & 3 Text

After working with the Lego's for Chapter 2 Section 1, Read the Section and use the 2.1 Lego Question Reading Template

After finalizing 2.2 use the template for the Sk8Man Product & Profit Sheet. Follow the steps in the Textbook to complete each section of the Excel Spreadsheet.

Section 2.3 - 2.3SK8Man Template

Section 2.4 - 2.4 Pallas Sport Shoe Company

Chapter 3 Resources

3.1 Computer Flips - Now take the same Data from 2.2 and run the optimization to answer questions on the Sensitivity Report. DUE 1/24/19

3.2 SK8MAN - Use the data from 2.3 to optimize solutions on the Sensitivity Report. (You may also re-use your Solver run copy of 2.3 SK8MAN to answer these questions! Or run Excel Solver again to get more practice! ) DUE 1/30/19

3.3 Pallas Sport Shoes - Use the data to optimize solutions. Complete the questions. Due 2/28/19.