AP Computer Science

Welcome to AP CSP, the Academic Course Syllabus can be found here.

We will be working through Code.org's online curriculum.

AP Explore Task Template

AP Create Task Template

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AP CSP Quizlet Sets

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Look here for updates and more later! For now here is the Textbook that we will be utilizing for this years course! Blown to Bits

Blown to Bits Chapter 1 Summary Questions - DUE Monday 10/15/18

Blown to Bits Chapter 2 Summary Questions

Blown to Bits Chapter 3 Summary Questions - DUE Wednesday 12/19/18

Blown to Bits Chapter 4 Summary Questions - DUE Thursday 1/3/19

Blown to Bits Chapter 5 Summary Questions - DUE Thursday 1/31/19

Blown to Bits Chapter 6 Summary Questions - Due Wednesday 5/15/19

Unit 1

Unit 1 Technological Innovations PDF Here

Use Google Docs or Google Slides to create a table about the innovations. Find 4! Start Here

Then in groups of 4 pick your best one to create a single Google Slide for!

Join the Google+ Community for Collaboration: HERE

AP Student Instructions - Use the Rubric from these pages to start a Practice "Explore" Writing.

AP CSP Explore Template make a copy of this Google Doc and let's try to make an "Explore" Artifact.

Use articles in class or Search the ACM TechNews Archives

For a Reference page use EasyBib.com to help correctly site sources.

Games to Help with Binary Understanding

Unit 1 Section 11 - Intro to Packets Videos

Unit 1 Section 12 - DNS Writing Assignment

Unit 2

2.1 - Bytes & File Sizes CS 101 Stanford or Computer Hope

2.6 Imagine I was comparing two different file formats for representing images. All I tell you that one of them is "better" than the other. Based on everything that you've learned in this unit, what might "better" mean? Try to come up with at least three ideas and incorporate vocabulary from the unit.

Complete the Rapid Research using the One-Pager Template. Make a Copy of the Template in your Google Account, then share with me Your Research at gibsoale@gmail.com once you have finished!

DUE 11/26/18 at 10 PM!

Unit 4

Section 4 Rapid Research - One Pager Template

One partner make a copy then share via Google Docs to your other partner to edit!

Read and Summarize on your Reading Template the following: WSJ Article

Section 10 Rapid Research Cybersecurity and Crime: One Page Template - Turn in your Rubric with sources so I know I can grade it!