Chapter Notes

Did you miss the notes? Here are each of the sections we have covered so far!

Fractal Unit

Using students are investigating coding to get into fractals. Each project progressively gets harder and increases the skill in coding until students have a Sierpinski Triangle drawn by their sprite. Below are my coded projects

1. Basic Coding - Polygon Drawing

2. Intermediate Coding - Random Polygon Generator

3. Advanced Coding - Sierpinski Triangle Generator

CHAPTER 2 - Logic and Reasoning Resources

CHAPTER 2 Review #2 Answer Key

CHAPTER 2 Review Notebooks Pages 57-59

Geometric Proof Video Examples

Geometry Calendar

Geometry Communication - How can you be reminded to do your homework?

REMIND - Get Reminder Text Messages for HW!

Text the number 81010

Each class has their own unique code!

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


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Geometry Triangle Playlist

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