Class Readings

The following readings are for IR-2500, Fall 2018


1. Joseph Nye (2009), The Origins of World War I and World War II, from Understanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History

2. Statecraft Student Manual

3. Margaret Mead (1940), War is Only an Invention

4. Daniel Kahnemann and Jonathan Renshon (2007), Why Hawks Win

5. John Mueller (2007), War Has Almost Ceased to Exist

6. Jane Stromseth (2017), Is the ICC Making a Difference?

7. Robert Gilpin (1988), Three Ideologies of International Political Economy

8. Evan Osnos (2018), Making China Great Again

9. Vincenzo Bove and Tobias Böhmelt (2016), Does Immigration Induce Terrorism?

10. Robert Kaplan (1994), The Coming Anarchy

11. Francis Fukuyama (1989), The End of History?

12. Francis Fukuyama (2018), Against Identity Politics

13. Steven Pinker (2016), Why the World is More Peaceful

Other Class Materials

History Prezi

This is a list of all content to be tested on the geography exam

These are the slides for the first part of class.