Did You Know?

The American Political Science Association was founded at Tulane University in 1903, closeby to the building depicted on the right. J.R. Ficklen was the organizer. If you look closely at his portrait, you can see a diagonal line cutting into Ficklen's face. This was caused by a disgruntled graduate student, who in a fit of anger slashed the visage of one of political science's founding fathers. The portrait survived. The grad student was lost forever.

The US is more violent than other countries, but gun incidents constitute an an unreasonable proportion of that violence.

This is a travel map of the various spacecraft we have sent into space.

This is Gogol Bordello. Bohemians. Punks. Humanists. And consumers of a massive amount of red wine.

People forget how difficult it was for blacks to vote in our country. Poll taxes, and other methods of disenfranchisement drove registration down to 0 until the 1950s.

Some people have argued that white nationalists have only recently experimented with Nazi ideas. That is disproven by this photo from 1960s Alabama. White nationalists were sympathatic to Nazism even shortly after World War II.

This is when various Confederate statues were erected in the US. They didn't go up until the early 20th Century. There were part of an intentional campaign of racist counter-Reconstructionism.

Weirdly, there appears to be a relationship between how many wins a Premier League team has and how people in the area voted for Brexit. The fewer wins, the higher the votes. Why?

Maybe because the winningest clubs are in London, maybe because the winningest clubs have more foreigners on the team. Hard to say.

People and experts agree on gun regulations. The only thing in our way is our national legislators.

Mark Ingram is a grown man. Cool photo.

I think this is one of the oldest photographs in the world. It depicts John Quincy Adams looking smooth.

This is an national electoral map broken down by city. It makes the difference between red and blue seem much different.

This is a wonderful chart The Economist put together showing the evolution of Christian denominations. Nice cheat sheet for those of us not spritually inclined.

Menaka, Will Salzer and I went to see Future Islands in Pensacola, FL. Pensacola is weird, but Vinyl Music Club is awesome. And Future Islands is more intense that a rectal exam -- in a good way.

This is the unbelievable murder rate in Medellin, Colombia at the height of the Escobar period. Insane. It was close to 400 homicides for every 100K people. This is 8 times higher than the worst cities in the US.

This is the most critical-theory title I've ever seen in a journal. It's got every word that I don't understand. And to top it off, it mentions a name I've never heard of. Well done, Naveh Frumer.

This is a picture of my uncle on Cross Lake in Shreveport. It reminds me of all the good times.