Class Assignments

These are the materials for POLI 4410, Fall 2018

A. Syllabus Readings

    1. Dancy's How to Read Like a Graduate Student
    2. Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Steven Ratner, and David Wippman (2010) International Law Norms, Actors, Process: A Problem-Oriented Approach, 3rd Edition, selections
    3. William Schabas (2004) An Introduction to the International Criminal Court, Second Edition, selections

B. Assignments

1. What is a treaty summary?

2. Which group am I in, and what case am I writing about? How do I write a case brief?

3. What am I expected to do for the academic article?

C. Useful Guides for Academic Research

1. Tulane library's Foreign & International Law Database

2. Tulane's Foreign & International Law Library Guide

3. Georgetown's Foreign & International Law Research Guide

4. University of Minnesota's Human Rights Library

D. Top International Law Blogs