Geoff Dancy

I never stand here.


Assistant Professor, Political Science Tulane University 504-862-8309 |

John Dewey wrote: "What is bright, sudden, loud, secures notice and is given a conspicuous rating. What is dim, feeble, and continuous gets ignored, or is regarded as of slight importance."

This is a bad thing.

I am originally from Shreveport, LA, and I received my PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2013. I study international human rights law, transitional justice, repression, civil war, and pragmatism. Abroad, I closely follow events in Sri Lanka and Kenya. At home, I think a good deal about gun deaths, mass incarceration, domestic abuse, and other symptoms of structural violence in the state of Louisiana. I am a former director and current consultant for the Transitional Justice Research Collaborative, a group focused on collecting data and developing theory about human rights prosecutions, truth commissions, and other mechanisms of post-authoritarian or post-conflict justice. At this moment, I am taking a break from writing a book that develops a pragmatist approach to human rights law and practice.

When I'm not working, I spend time crying over the New Orleans Saints, hucking frisbees, watching comedy, listening to Ween, and looking forward to the next Mardi Gras.