MagNetUS creates an ecosystem for a broad scientific community interested in experimental magnetized plasma research. MagNetUS ecosystem objectives include:

  • Broaden participation in magnetized plasma research through expanded partnerships with predominantly undergraduate institutions, institutions with smaller plasma science and engineering programs, and a broad range of institutions from historically excluded groups.

  • Form a broad consortium of affiliated facilities, computational systems, and theory labs that support experimental magnetized plasma research projects.

  • Foster and maintain a broad and diverse collaborator base through support for experiments, modeling, diagnostic and software development, and data management projects.

  • Establish a strong program for education and training of new collaborators, participants, and the next generation of scientists working in magnetized plasmas.


Dear MagNetUS Community,

The Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee is happy to announce that the proposed MagNetUS bylaws have been approved by the community with a vote of 51 For and 3 Against, a 94.4% approval rate. The 54 votes submitted represented 82% of eligible voters based on registered MagNetUS membership. These bylaws are posted on this website as the official MagNetUS bylaws.

Now that the bylaws have been adopted, the next stage will be to begin holding elections for the eight executive committee members. This first election will be run jointly by the ad-hoc committee and the 2022 Workshop Program Committee. More information regarding the election will be sent in the coming weeks. However, the committees are now soliciting self-nominations for the officer and working group chair positions. If you are interested in being listed as a nominee for any of these positions, please email and a member of the ad-hoc or program committee will get back to you.

Finally, registration for membership in the MagNetUS community is still open and will be required for voting privileges in future elections. This registration list will now serve as the main contact list for MagNetUS. The current listserv run through Wheaton College will be retired after this last communication so please make sure to register for MagNetUS if you have not yet done so to avoid missing any future communications.

Register here:

Thank you for your participation in this community effort!

MagNetUS Bylaws Ad-hoc Committee

2022 MagNetUS Workshop Program Committee