Thanks to all of you who made our 2021 Fundraiser a successful event. And congratulations to the LB Park Rangers, the recipients of the 2021 FOBP AWARD, In appreciation to their support in keeping Bixby Park a safer place to enjoy. It Takes a Village, and our Village is wonderful!

(Park Ranger Jeffey Rodriguez holding the FOBP Award, between Recreation Superintendent Joy Warren and Clerk Brittany Howe)

And here is the FOBP Board of Directors thanking the Park Rangers with the Thank You banner designed by the kids at Bixby Park!

(Tamera, Michelle S., Ron, Ketty, Ranger Rodriguez, David and Michelle B.
Sabrina is taking the pic!)

Parcel One Renovation Update:

Phase 2 Construction is finally complete!

Phase 2 includes the concrete pathway, center courtyard and water fountain feature for Bixby Park. Pathways include lighting bollards and the center circular courtyard around the fountain includes a new raised planter. The Phase 2 work also incorporated two new hydration stations for the adjacent dog park. Woof!

Parcel One Plans

Parcel One Plans

Parcel One Complete

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