Parcel One Renovation Update:

Phase 2 Construction will be starting next week or Monday 6/8/20 at the latest. Phase 2 Construction includes the concrete pathway, center courtyard and water fountain feature for Bixby Park. Pathways include lighting bollards and the center circular courtyard around the fountain includes a new raised planter. The Phase 2 work will also incorporate two new hydration stations for the adjacent dog park.

Phase 2 is scheduled for 10-weeks of construction with a proposed finish of mid-August 2020, pending any unforeseen conditions. We will also need a “plant establishment” period, that is overseen by the Parks department, this is the final determination for removing construction fences and reopening the area to the public.


Dear Friends of Bixby Park.

We hope that everyone is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and are taking precautionary measures to ensure that the safety and health of everyone is protected. Please follow the directions that are recommended by City, County, State, & Federal Government to resolve this grave crisis.

Parks, Recreation, & Marine has taken appropriate action by restricting public events as well as closing areas that attract high concentrations of people to maintain focus on health & safety concerns.

Cabin fever is real and one of the best ways to alleviate the stress of being indoors is to take a walk in wide open space such as our local public park, Bixby Park.

Walking, hiking, biking and running in City parks and along the beach is still allowed. However, the public is strongly encouraged to maintain at least six feet of physical distance between persons and, where possible, avoid touching foreign objects and surfaces with your hands -- consider using your elbow. Surfaces may include handrails, water fountains and crosswalk buttons. Where contact cannot be avoided, do not touch one’s face until able to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Research suggests that COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus pandemic, can remain on some surfaces for up to 72 hours and therefore presents an invisible risk.

The following City facilities have been closed:

· Basketball courts

· Tennis courts

· Volleyball courts

· Dog parks

· Playgrounds

· Skate parks

· Picnic areas

· Group exercise in parks

***Friends of Bixby Park is suspending, until further notice, all its events in the Park to comply with PR&M’s directions. This includes the monthly Park cleanups that are held the first Saturdays of every month.

We will keep our the community informed of any changes that allow us to proceed with our events.

Stay Healthy & Safe,

FOBP Board

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