Jolley Memorial

An intriguing discovery

When it was suggested that the Friends of St Mary’s Trustees might like to grab their saws and tree loppers to clean up an area of the churchyard to the west of the Church, little did they realise what a historical treasure trove they would discover!

After a mass of branches were removed from the area the excited volunteers uncovered a piece of Higham Ferrers’ history in the form of a memorial complete with iron railings and several metal plaques listing the names of the ‘Jolley’ family.

Before …
… and after

The Jolley family history

It was such an intriguing discovery that the Trustees were enthused enough to look deeper into the history of the family.

After many painstaking hours of searching the nineteenth-century census returns, Parish and Church records, Kelly’s Directories etc. the Trustees were able to piece together some interesting facts about the family. We would like to share some of these with you.

This research is on-going.