Our heritage

Help us to preserve it

The Friends of St. Mary’s is a Registered Charity whose members are dedicated to the preservation of the magnificent Grade 1 listed buildings that have dominated the life of Higham Ferrers for 800 years:

• St Marys Church

• Chantry Chapel

• Bede House.

The Friends are a secular organisation; you do not have to belong to any church or denomination to become a member of ‘the Friends’. You just need to share our desire to preserve this wonderful heritage.

All funds raised through membership and any other fund raising activity, are for the specific purpose of supporting the exterior preservation, repair, maintenance and restoration of these buildings, and the churchyard in which they are situated.

What's new?

Did the Bedesmen garden?

This question was asked recently, did the Bedesmen garden? By gardening I inferred it meant more than doing light weeding or placing a few spring bulbs in the Churchyard, although both those activities may have occurred. I understood it to mean the Bedesmen were engaged in a well organised programme of growing a variety of crops for their and other people’s benefit.

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