Nominations for FSK Committee 2019-20

Proposed FSK Committee Members up for election/reelection for 2019-2020

Chair - John Wright (re-election)

Vice Chair - Robert Lewington (re-election)

Environment - Carol Biddell (re-election)

Operations - Carol Ho (re-election)

Hiram's Highway Issues - Barry Hill (re-election)

Secretary - David Rossiter (re-election)

Membership - Catherine Man

Communications - Steve Biddick

Treasurer - Michelle Wong

Should anyone be interested in any of the above positions or to stand for election for any of the above positions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Join our AGM on the 4th April 2019

FSK AGM - 4th April 2019

Dear paid-up members and prospective new members,

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Friends of Sai Kung (FSK) will take place at:

The Village Restaurant, Sai Kung, 7 pm, Thursday, 4th April 2019

Agenda is as follows:

Confirmation of the minutes of the last AGM

Chairman's Report

Treasurer's Report

Election of Office Bearers for 2019-20

Any Other Business

All paid-up members are welcome, and those wishing to join FSK. 2019-20 annual membership fee $100* and may be paid at the door. Those members unable to attend, please send your membership fee by cheque payable to Friends of Sai Kung to:

Friends of Sai Kung (FSK), PO Box 45, Sai Kung Post Office, Hong Kong.

As some of our committee members are stepping down, we appeal to members to step forward to help. The committee meets just six times a year and helps SFK perform valuable environmental work as well as organising social events.

We look forward to seeing you there.

*$50 for senior citizens and those under 18 year.

Wong Chuk Yeung 2019

On 16th Feb 2019, FSK discovered over 13 copies of legal action by a bank, against 3 companies tied to multiple trees the whole length of the green area and taped to existing structures (railings/old fencing).

Most of the land is currently classed as Green Belt and Conservation Area, with a Village Zone in the middle.

In 2012, concern groups started to report ecological destruction in Wong Chuk Yeung, which is an enclave in the Ma On Shan Country Park.

The legal proceedings to repossess land in Wong Chuk Yeung from developers seems to have begun. Who will buy the land now?

The area is currently teeming with lots of wildlife, many species of birds, butterflies and mammals, is there any hope to save it?!


Glass Recycling Bin Locations - Sai Kung

Locations of Glass Recycle Bins in SK & CWB - there are also bins in Nam Wai & Pak Kong but some how they don't appear on the map

Please NOTE Glass must be CLEAN.


FSK Geopark Tour 2019

The friends of Sai Kung Geopark tour held last Sunday (20 January 2019) was a great success. 25 people participated in the tour, which was organized by Friends of Sai Kung committee member Geraldine Young and led by Countryside Adventure Tours specialist Wouter van Marle (

The day began by taking taxis from Sai Kung town to the starting point at the High Island Reservoir East Dam. By coincidence, the 2019 Gammon China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon was in progress at the same time and on the same road, which meant considerable delay as taxis had to slow down greatly in order to let the constant flow of runners pass. Eventually everyone arrived and the tour began. Wouter led us down to sea level and explained the geology and formation of the hexagonal columns which the area is famous for, a consequence of a great volcano in the Sai Kung area millions of years ago. We were led to a sea cave carved out of these unique columns by the actions of the sea over millennia.

After ascending directly up the High Island Reservoir dam wall steps, which provided an impromptu fitness test, the group walked on to Pak Lap village. Pretty painted houses lined the village path to a wide sandy beach. From there the group divided into two, with those who preferred a less strenuous time waiting behind at the beach café, while others followed Wouter on a hike over the cliffs, then down to another cave. Unlike the first cave, which had man-made dam walls to protect it from further erosion, this cave was still at the mercy of the sea, Wouter explained. Low tide meant the group was able to climb down into the cave and appreciate its true beauty.

Upon returning to Pak Lam village it was discovered the other others had already walked over the hill to a small village called Sha Kiu, ending up at the High Island (Yau Ley) Seafood Restaurant. The cave expedition group soon joined them and an excellent seafood meal was enjoyed by all. The day was capped with a remarkably fast speedboat trip back to Sai Kung town. The Geopark tour was truly a great day, with good weather, enjoyable walks, fantastic views, and great company!

Friends of Sai Kung on Facebook

Friends of Sa Kung has archived our old Facebook 'Group' and we are now utilizing a 'Page'! Please like and join this new page for all the latest happenings in Sai Kung!


Sha Ha Monster Development

💢PLEASE Make Your Comment 💢NOW‼️ -DEADLINE is 07/12/2018 (midnight)

771 luxury apartments in Sha Ha, Sai Kung Town

This project was successfully objected by the public in 2008 and 2017 but the developer submitted their application again and again. For a better Sai Kung, make a comment to the Town Planning Board. For the details, pls. see the post from the Sai Kung Planning Concern Front.

‼️#Sai_Kung_Town 771 luxury apartments #Sha_Ha‼️

🔹Some people has a misconception that the owners of private lands are entitled to the right of whatever ways of development they want. In fact, members of the general public do have a say in the development plan too. Especially, when the development of a private land also involves government lands in the vicinities, public interest is definitely at stake and the public is absolutely entitled to have a say. Don’t support or object indiscriminately. Be informed of the facts and make your own rational judgment. Please do learn more about town planning and stick up for substainable development.

🌐Further Information:…/en/plan_applicat…/A_SK-SKT_21.html

�❇️ Submit your comment to the Town Planning Board by ⭕️7 Dec 23:59⭕️�⭕️Method 1: click into “ Make a comment” on the webpage.…/en/plan_applicat…/A_SK-SKT_21.html

⭕️Method 2: email to


For reference only:

Objection to the application planning A/SK-SKT/21:


The New World’s luxury apartment project in Sha Ha (A/SK-SKT/21) will only create 593 parking spaces for the residents of its 771 flats and there will only be only 50 spaces for cars of non-residents.

In recent years, it is getting even more difficult to find a parking space in the Sai Kung town and even a 30-minute street metered space is often hard to come by. Parking fees continue to go up and for an open-space car park, the hourly rate has increased from 9 dollars to 15 dollars over the past five years.

The lands of open-space car parks in the Sai Kung town are on short term leases endorsed by the government. Why is there a shortage of parking spaces in Sai Kung? It is because the government has not optimized the land usage and has no intention of building multi-storey car parks that can also house car repair shops to meet the needs of the community.

2️⃣2. A huge increase in the number of private cars would #cause_more_air_pollution. There is a lack of complusory requirement of sustainable traffic planning strategies for development project applications (e.g. The provision of apartment shuttle bus services would reduce the usage of private cars).

3️⃣3. In the Sha Ha development proposal application of New World (A/SK-SKT/21), there is #7000_square_kilometres_of_government_lands (12% of the lands of the overall luxury apartment project). There could have been Land Exchange Entitlement arrangements between the government and the developer so that 3-storey public facilities such as underground car park, elderly home or recyclables depot could be built on the 7000 square km land. Instead, the government has paid no heed to interests of the rest of the public and might offer government lands, by the Land Premium method, to the developer for building club house, swimming pool and private recreational facilities.

4️⃣4. Sai Kung is the “Back Garden of Hong Kong” with gorgeous natural scenery popular among bot locals and visitors from aboard. Neverthless, the construction of a new 8-storey private building would #block_the_uniqule_ridges line of the northern part of Sai Kung town resulting in irreversible adverse changes to the views from along the Sai Kung waterfront to the Sha Ha area.

Conclusion: We urge the government to uphold the sustainable development principle of "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." ["Our Common Future", 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development]

To protect public interests of Hong Kong society

Say NO to the A/SK-SKT/21 development proposal

Sai Kung Planning Concern Front

#SPCF_SaiKungPlanningConcernFront. #ShaHa

#771_luxury_residence #SaiKungTownCDA

Stop Flytipping

Stop flytipping and dumping. Simply video the action including the vehicle registration and report to Recent court cases have shown that videos are very helpful in successfully prosecuting people who dump waste. Note that refuse collection points are only to be used for household waste.

如果你們懷疑有人非法棄置廢物,你可以拍低影片(包括車牌號碼)並電郵到 以便環保署跟進。有片有真相,最近有案例靠影片協助成功檢控。請注意,垃圾站淨係收家居垃圾。

26/09/2018 “Hong Kong is not short of land”


The Citizens Task Force on Land Resources (CTF) published its position paper submitted to the Government’s public consultation on land supply.

Download the English paper:

Download the Chinese summary:

“There is no land shortage. What we need is better strategic land use planning. We don't need a new land reserve, we need to improve our planning process and fix our land supply pipe line,” Paul Zimmerman explained.

The government task force focused on supply without considering improvements to be made to planning and distribution of land uses, and access to housing.

Comprehensive planning of the New Territories is required, safeguarding natural resources while developing areas dominated by brownfields. CTF objects to development of Country Parks (a special asset to be safeguarded) and the East Lantau Metropolis (expensive and will divert resources from fixing the New Territories).







Villager sues small Hong Kong developer in bid to get two houses built as part of land swap deal for ecologically rich area

Typhoon Mangkhut Clean ups continue...

25/09/2018 - Efforts by FSK committee members Carol Biddell and Carol Ho to rally the community and assist with the clean up from Typhoon Mangkhut continue. Many residents of Sai Kung, continue to work together to restore our communal spaces following widespread devastation following the typhoon.

Please remember to check our Facebook page for updates on where clean ups will happen and how you can help.

02/09/2018 FSK's Treasurer Guy Shirra comments on development plans within 2 country parks.

Avid hasher and former police officer Guy Shirra said there were about 2,000 members across the city’s 14 clubs. Up to 50 took part in each run, he estimated.

“Every run will involve a country park. I can say that for sure, because they are the best running areas,” Shirra said. “We like to run in the countryside and we like to run on natural trails.”

He has run at Sugar Loaf Peak several times, and said he was “really surprised” the government had chosen the area for possible housing development.

“It’s extremely steep and it heads up to a mountain peak, so it’s a very odd thing to do,” he added.

Graphic: SCMP

19/08/2018 A fatal accident aroused Sai Kung resident concern on road safety in Sai Kung recently. But, in the past records, the government departments always replied that the transport facilities were safe enough and there’s no urgent need to build tunnels or bridges for pedestrians. They often mention such facilities are low cost-efficient. Obviously, our district councilors and government regarded the following facilities were more necessary and urgent. (Information from Sai Kung District Council)

10/08/2018 It is that time of year again when FSK wants your beautiful images to create our 2019 FSK calendar. There is no limit this year on the number of photos you can send in, the higher the resolution of photos the better.

We are also opening the entries to non-FSK members and should your photo be selected for the 2019 calendar, you will be rewarded with 1 year's free membership to FSK!

Photos should be sent to

If you have any issues emailing photos in, please PM me and we can sort something out.

This is a great opportunity for your images to showcase our lovely district! And they make great, easy to send Christmas gifts for loved ones overseas - help us make them fab!

Drop me a PM if you have any questions and get snapping!!

DEADLINE for entry is 30th September 2018 (Sun)

Please share with Sai Kung Friends!