02/09/2018 FSK's Treasurer Guy Shirra comments on development plans within 2 country parks.

Avid hasher and former police officer Guy Shirra said there were about 2,000 members across the city’s 14 clubs. Up to 50 took part in each run, he estimated.

“Every run will involve a country park. I can say that for sure, because they are the best running areas,” Shirra said. “We like to run in the countryside and we like to run on natural trails.”

He has run at Sugar Loaf Peak several times, and said he was “really surprised” the government had chosen the area for possible housing development.

“It’s extremely steep and it heads up to a mountain peak, so it’s a very odd thing to do,” he added.

Graphic: SCMP

19/08/2018 A fatal accident aroused Sai Kung resident concern on road safety in Sai Kung recently. But, in the past records, the government departments always replied that the transport facilities were safe enough and there’s no urgent need to build tunnels or bridges for pedestrians. They often mention such facilities are low cost-efficient. Obviously, our district councilors and government regarded the following facilities were more necessary and urgent. (Information from Sai Kung District Council)

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