The next monthly Sai Kung recycling event in Man Yee square is on Saturday, November 3rd from 10am-12:30pm. It will again be located in the corner near the wet market, between Takka Fusion and The Conservatory.

Volunteers are welcome to come at 11:55 to help collect polyfoam boxes (gloves and box cutters are helpful but not required) or 12:15 to help transport the recyclables. Please comment or PM the organizers if you can help out (Carol Biddell and Carol Ho).

⭐️Nam Wai village will also hold their recycling event from 9:30-11:30.⭐️


•Paper will NOT be accepted. Please bring it to the pink truck by the Temple car park or the other trucks noted in photos.

Please bring your:

•CLEAN plastic (see photo for which type will be accepted (outlined in green));

•CLEAN glass (with lids for others to reuse, or to recycle);

•CLEAN poly foam (see photo);

•CLEAN and cut tetrapaks (with spout removed, cleaned, and flattened - see video) and drink cartons (please separate those with metal lining from those with white lining), see also ;

•CLEAN metal,

and batteries (both rechargeable AND non-rechargeable) and cd’s.

We’ll also take any large plastic bags off your hands to put the plastic in as per the request of the recycling company.

Thanks so much!

For More information on recycling in Sai Kung, please visit here or email us at

提提大家♻️ #西貢不是垃圾站 又嚟啦!



西貢市@街市外(9:30am -12:30)



1. 乾淨塑膠製品#1#2#4,5,6,7

2. 乾淨玻璃樽

3. 乾淨發泡膠及生果網


5. 充電電磁

♻️【我們收Tetra pak紙包飲品盒】


1. 一定要完整剪開(見附圖)


🤔點解呀?現在香港本地是未有回收商會收tetrapak的。因此,我們義工計劃將紙包飲品盒Upcycle, 剪成條狀再做手織收納籃,現在仍屬物料收集階段。盼這社區實驗能成為tetrapak 在香港回收的其中一個出路,更希望有一天tetrapak能在本地回收循環再造。