Graphic Organizers

App Organizers

  • Popplet Lite - Great for brainstorming, organizing, mind mapping. Easy to use.
  • Idea Sketch - offers a linear as well as a graphic view as an organizing tool
  • SimpleMInd + - mind mapping app
  • Inspiration Lite- can make five maps using the extensive template library or create your own from scratch
  • Kidspiration Lite - the visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts for grades K-5

Chrome Extensions

  • Mind Mup - Easy to use mind mapping/brainstorming tool, offers Google Drive or Dropbox storage
  • Lucid Chart - collaborative diagrams for mind mapping, brainstorming.

Computer Options

  • - Brain Storming and Organizing Tool good for visual thinkers/learners, EASY to use, very simple, customizable features, sharing capabilities
  • Popplet - fun tool for mind maps, graphic organizers, concept maps. Can create up to five at no cost
  • XMIND - Free version offers ability to upload to Evernote and share
  • Creately - offers online diagramming and collaboration. Access the free version here.
  • Coggle - online collaborative graphic organizing/mind mapping tool
  • Read/Write/Think Story Map Tool - Quickly create a visual of complex information, EASY, can't share
  • Read/Write/Think Graphic Map Tool - designed to be used as part of the pre-writing process to identify high and low points related to the subject. It could be a reaction to a book, writing about an event or a day, etc.
  • Cacoo - graphic organizer, allows synchronous collaboration as well.
  • Diagramly - easy to use, includes built-in graphics
  • Wisemapping - mind maps, share with others

  • Belvedere - Downloadable graphic organizer, designed for k-12 population, MODERATE to use,
  • Graphic Organizer Templates - 40 downloadable templates to use in a word processing program, quick, EASY
  • Graphic Organizer Templates - can be downloaded in Word or as PDFs or HTML. Include templates such as Character Maps, Concept Maps and StoryBoards (Note: not all templates are editable online. It appears to depend upon who created them)
  • Great Source iWrite: Graphic Organizer Templates - click on "Writer's Tools" and then narrative, expository, persuasive, response to literature or research templates to use in a word processing program. EASY
  • - Unique way to present information/ideas and concepts,interactive flow chart, MODERATE to use
  • Free Mind - mind-mapping tool
  • Mindomo - mind-mapping tool, has microsoft word like features
  • Recall Plus - Students can organize their notes, create flashcards, make use of 3D tools and more in this great mind mapping tool. It is downloadable.

  • Gliffy Create and share diagrams on the Web
  • Best4C-(for upper grades) >
  • CMAP - concept maps
  • Character Scrapbook- Analyze characters with this organizer from Scholastic

  • CAST Science Writer- Helps students write a science lab report using chunking, prompting, and graphic organize