By entering you agree FFF will use your trailers, demos, descriptions, movie(s), film(s), and all other media and other you submit and / or enter into FFF and partner film festival(s), to promote and advertise your film. You give FFF and ACRS, Inc. / Crocodile House permission to, with limitation to our festival, promote your work online, in VOD and ISS.

Festival is not structured to accept all entries. Instead, panels critical review is implemented. Bring your 'A game'.

Additionally, festival operates as a non standard festival and we do consider Official Selections to be a kind of award, as we showcase your selected entry as part to our prize packages. Finals, semi-finals, selections, and other advisement and considerations may be granted to the best of the best entries selected for our festival.

During final event our festival may only showcase and premier the award winning / Best Of entries selected, paid Official Selections, and selected winners. If there is time and if venue and situations permit, our festival will make every attempt to show all selected / Officially Selected entries.

Rules, prizes, awards, categories, and other of FFF are subject to change without prior notice.

Festival may enter your media submission / entry into other partnering and related festivals, with your permission we may request.

Monetary awards are subject to the amount of all entries at festival final dates and times.

Festival may partner and merge all or some other parts of festival with other festivals.

Film and media entries / submissions do not reflect the views, opinions, and other of and in favor of festival and persons and companies involved with festival.

Festival does not cater to entries and submissions. Festival is not responsible nor liable for violations of rules and terms and partner rules and terms.

Festival is intended for adults only.

Reservation and all rights are kept by festival to reject and stop anyone not conducting good conduct, good faith, and or who is/are violating the rules and terms of our festival.

Producers, talent and/or others of entries, films and media submitted may be requested to provide news, info, interviews, appearances and more at, during, and after our festival and final festival dates, promotions, and other.

There are no strict dates and deadlines applicable to festival, festivals, persons and companies coordinating, partnering and involved in the festival.

You give festival non-exclusive, limited, and requested use of your entry / entries for present and future festival and partnering festivals and events, such as for use in describing our festival and for listing awards and prizes given in prior festivals.

* By entering Festival you agree to all festival rules and terms.

** Festival reserves the right to reject any, regardless of Guaranteed Entry Listing and other entry and issue, entry or media which does not conform and comply with all festival rules and terms herein, subjectively and in favor of festival.

Guaranteed Entry Listing is not an Official Selection and it is not an award. It expedites review. Guaranteed Entry Listing acceptance only gets you past the initial review and may potentially provide listing of you and your production / media as to being entered into our festival. Guaranteed Entry Listing is not an official selection.

Festival will screen accepted films which make it into our final judge panel review and review selection, Official Selections and Guaranteed Entry Listing may not be screened due to limited resources and space, festival is and otherwise is a list and awards (laurels, etc.) only.

Rules and terms may differ on database or other websites not located on this primary website. The extensive list of rules and terms is found on a sub page at: freefilmfest.com.

Festival is primary list only festival. Official Selection and other festival acceptance, entries, and awards does not guarantee your media will be screened, shown, and/or other on our digital theater / digital cinema and final event(s) on our website and other venue(s).

Manuscripts may be listed but are not "premiered" or "screened" at our festival, only coverage is provided, and potential for awarded laurels and listing.

† Official Selection Laurels: entry must comply with all Rules and Terms of festival. Filmmaker must contact festival to arrange Official Selection and promotion.

Persons inquiring, filmmaker and others submitting entry / entries is / are completely and fully liable and legally responsible for all their inquiries, communication, entries, issues and resolutions including copyright issues, damages, and all other.

Persons inquiring, filmmaker / entrant and others involved agree not to and will not sue or bring any form of litigation against festivals, persons, staff and companies involved with festival and its partners.

You give Festival non-exclusive and requested (we will request to further distribute your entry if we really like it) right to distribute, offering festival partnering assistance to other corporations, advertise, promote, and show your entry.

Wherever outside matters are concerned, especially in the event of litigation: festival owner(s), coordinator(s), and others involved in festival have no assets, property, money, and other of their own wherever festival is concerned. All properties, financing and money are the property of festival itself as its own entity, do not belong to owner(s), coordinator(s), and others involved in festival. Festival owner(s) may use assets gained from festival only insofar as festival increase are concerned for distribution and festival promotion, gain and more for festival.

All persons and staff working for, owners, management, coordinators, judges, and others for festival are Independent Volunteers providing not-for-profit work and have no stake in nor income from festival. Volunteers may use fee entries allotted to them to pay costs associated with festival and to continue to be available for volunteering. Festival is only a non involved medium for transaction between filmmaker and venues such as online, theater and film markets not part of nor involved with festival.

Prizes and awards and other of festival are coincidental and merited by filmmakers upon winning.

Judges and panel members involved in our festival agree not to compete or commit unfair competition in violation of law and / or placing festival in jeopardy and / or loss. Judges, staff, panel members and others will not separately offer distribution to media, creators, producers, and others involved and / or entered in festival.

If we really like your entry and if we have accepted your entry; we may contact you and ask if you would like to be part of our festival jury or be part of other film, filmmaker and other partnering events; but partnering up is not a requirement of our festival.

Vimeo and public requirements; if your media is selected for premier or screening or showing on our fest site / digital cinema / event area, your media must be made public available for us to use. Making your media / entry available is completely your, the entrant's, responsibility.

Entrant is responsible for accepting and receiving all communication and Emails from film festival.

Prize packages for "top winners" are subject to sponsorship (ie. from Adobe). Top winners includes the three best, standardized or norm winners in Best Production, Best Director, and Best Cinematography.

If the free petition is not signed and / or the entrant does not email our film festival confirming the entrant signed the free petition shown within the specific category for free entry and signing, the entry may likely be rejected.

If the entry has any missing portions deemed to be missing by fest staff, the entry may be rejected.

If the entry requires additional downloading, extraneous link use (not including Vimeo.com and similar), or other work deemed inappropriate by fest staff, the entry may be rejected.

Entrant will only enter one media in the Sign Free Petition category, and email our fest to let us know the entrant signed the petition (See category for other details). Email our fest if there are any concerns or questions about this category. Failure to follow instructions in this free category will result in a denial or rejection of submitted entry in this free category.

If your entry is a general entry or unspecified category and you did not specify the category or categories or genre(s) would typically or publicly be recognized for, your entry may be rejected.

If entry is a feature, short, or video and does not include a trailer and photos, it may be rejected.

For any reason your media is incomplete, festival may legitimately reject your entry.

Festival may "reject" your entry but may still list it per Guaranteed Entry Listing category.

You may appeal your rejection to our fest email, state the reasons why you believe your entry should not have been rejected and show evidence thereto. Our staff appeal decisions are final and binding.

Length of films (short and feature length) and media should be rounded down and elite and industry standards should be considered. For example, if you are submitting a short film you may consider a short film to be around 40-45 minutes or less. Thus, feature length could be over 40-45 minutes, generally. In submitting music, compositions, portfolios, and other, the entrant should round down; ie. a document that includes audio music or songs may be submitted in the Music Compilation category.

Theater venue / ground event at cinema plex is based on the number of entries and entry income to pay for such a theater venue and ground event. If festival does not receive at least $8,000.00 income from # of entries submitted, then; festival will conduct its final event online (trailers, photos, & info) and only on its websites.

Freedom Film Festival ("FFF", "Festival", "festival").

Without filmmakers there is no festival.

Digital Submissions on FilmFreeway <filmfreeway.com>.

For promotion of our festival, all persons and filmmakers entering media into festival agree and submit to an audience and fan base of 100 or more audience and fans who will attend or watch the screenings and coverage provided in festival. Audience and fans agree to and are bound by the rules, terms and descriptions of festival.

FESTIVAL DOES NOT ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN "REJECTING" MEDIA ENTRIES IN NON ACCEPTANCE. INSTEAD, FESTIVAL RATES, REVIEWS, SCORES, AND IN SOME INSTANCES MAY PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO ENTRANTS / ENTRIES. Festival actively engages in awarding the very best media entries, reviewing, scoring and rating craftsmanship in; original creativity, direction, cinematography, production, best acting / performances, structure, pacing, writing, music & soundtracks, with average overall, and more to movies, manuscripts, and all forms of media entries in our festival.

Only the awarded and paid entries media and films will screen and / or premier trailers, photos, screenplays, and any additional information during our final event. Because our festival is stated and / or listed and / or described as hosting digital or online events,; all films must be given direct, written permission from the filmmaker(s) to be screened in full on our website(s) and online theater event(s) located primarily on our pages (@ freefilmfest.com). Otherwise, only the publicly available trailer, info, and photos (or rendered trailers and media, info) will be screened at our discretion (and with your permission by entering your submission) on our fest's website and online cinema event(s).

For ethics purposes, festival does not exchange the value of one product or entry in exchange for another, unless a legitimate explanation is provided for the exchange. For example, festival and its panels and staff may not provide prizes, awards, special review, and/or hire in exchange for the same and other.

For promotion of our festival, all persons and filmmakers entering media into festival agree and submit to an audience and fan base of 100 or more audience and fans who will attend or watch the screenings and coverage provided in festival. Audience and fans agree to and are bound by the rules, terms and descriptions of festival.

Media submissions ACCEPTED into our festival are required to make their trailers, photos, info and press packets public for viewing either on our websites or social pages, and Youtube.com (non password) public viewing.

The following rules and terms are ONLY intended so that our micro festival will be operated fairly and in good faith. If you see a policy, rule or term you want changed or you don't understand, please contact us by email immediately. We totally want your feedback and we value every filmmaker, who enters our festival, input about our festival and events.

Our festival will work diligently to be the most worthwhile celebration of film and media worldwide. We will emulate and standardize to mainstream events that are common and well known.

Filmmaker agrees not to complain and advise others about our festival, descriptions, and policies before contacting our festival by email and waiting for a response from festival staff and communicating with us further to permit our festival to operate and manage accurately.

FFF only accepts digital submissions at this time and for this year's festival and contests awarding prizes, awards, and distribution.

Person, persons, company, companies, and others entering media into festival ("you", "entrant" and similar and referred vernacular).

Completed media submitted for Distribution only will receive our terms and agreements for VOD/ISS and online cinema theatre distribution.

Incomplete media submitted for Distribution must have a strict deadline intended for completion, list of crew and cast, production notes and / or strong scripting, trailer, and movie poster (if any), or any available development.

Prizes, Awards, Distribution and other materials (collectively "Prizes") awarded to entries submitted and accepted will be awarded on equal value of Prizes to entries submitted.

Prizes and Awards and Distribution entry fees are not refundable.

All portions of FFF are subject to change, without notice, including Rules & Terms, prizes, awards, distribution, and all other aspects, applicability, and application.

FFF contests, awards and prizes dates / dating, final festival, distribution, public releases, and other (in favor of FFF and its staff) may be extended to later dates and/or times until at least 2,000 or more entries are achieved such that our judge's panel can fairly judge and work on a large enough amount of films to be compared in the categories, types and selections for those prizes and awards and other stated and/or described or suggested in writing or otherwise in FFF.

Freedom Film Festival is owned and operated by Sam Jenkins and his corporations or LLCs; LEAPS Program and Events on the Lawn