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'FILM CULT', 'VIOLENCE' Pts 1 & 2, 'ANONYMITY:' Prts. 2 & 3

The Freedom Film Festival is proud to show its development of original productions as well as its aggressive distribution and exposure of the most professional and entertaining media worldwide. Producer and Professional Actor Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr., a films judge and host of our festival, and recognized producers of great films, produce an anthology - known as "Film Cult" - of award winning and officially selected media for your viewing pleasure. For our award winning and special selected filmmakers and our fest; increased venues for distribution are presented.

The features and series franchise are recently acquired and distributed worldwide by GalaxyFlix. See the trailers and teasers here:

Freedom Film Festival is owned and operated by Sam Jenkins and his corporations or LLCs; LEAPS Program and Events on the Lawn