Freedom Film Festival is presented by GALAXY FLIX in partnership with international associates. The festival incorporates its Professional Panel of Judges and Special Jury for media selection. Present and prior staff, film judges & jury panel members include professional media folks;


Executive Producer;

Evolutionary Project

Key West: Bon Voyage


Professional Writer & Editor

Publishing Consultant


Professional Writer & Editor

Tampa Writers Alliance

Florida Writers Assoc.


Red Cloud: Deliverance

White Collar

Fight Church (Netflix)


Professional Actor


Catching Junior Tate


Legends & Lies

The Devil You Know (HBO)


Lakota People's Law Project

Last Real Indians


Actor, Producer, Director

At the End of the Day

Dr. G: Medical Examiner


Freedom Film Festival now offers Prime Worldwide Distribution for your movie productions. Please contact us and read about our distribution categories here for more details.

Our Freedom Film Festival is holding a theater event in the USA, and is sponsored by Adobe; offering Adobe CC Cloud software prize for top winners. Valuable prizes, awards and theater screenings this year make Freedom one of the best competitive festivals worldwide. (theater venue is based on the number of entries and entry income to pay for theater venue, see rules and terms below).

Festival includes the professional judge and jury panel review for your entries, with deep dedication and attention to detail to your entry, as well as coverage of your professional manuscript and writing.

Digital Submissions only on FilmFreeway (

All entered submissions are reviewed for acceptance to FFF. Entries may include media such as:

1. Feature Length

2. Short Film

3. Animation

4. Music Video

5. Screenplay / Manuscript

6. Production Development

7. Documentary

8. and more,

and genres and winning prize awards may include all variations such as Action, Sci Fi, Romance, Comedy, Drama, and other genres. See below for more details.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email FFF immediately. Submit all your media for digital entry here on

For promotion of our festival, all persons and filmmakers entering media into festival agree and submit to an audience and fan base of 100 or more audience and fans who will attend or watch the screenings and coverage provided in festival. Audience and fans agree to and are bound by the rules, terms and descriptions of festival.

Media submissions ACCEPTED into our festival are required to make their trailers, photos, info and press packets public for viewing either on our websites or social pages, and (non password) public viewing.

Length of films (short and feature length) and media should be rounded down and elite and industry standards should be considered. For example, if you are submitting a short film you may consider a short film to be around 40-45 minutes or less. Thus, feature length could be over 40-45 minutes, generally. In submitting music, compositions, portfolios, and other, the entrant should round down; ie. a document that includes audio music or songs may be submitted in the Music Compilation category.

2017 festival did not clear the required income / entry amount to have its final event at AMC theaters venue.

* By entering Festival you agree to all festival rules and terms (see below).


Ground / theater venue at a theater in the USA.

* 2017 festival did not clear the required income / entry (not enough entries) amount to have its final event at AMC theater venue.

Platform worldwide distribution.**

One (1) Adobe prize package, including Adobe CC Cloud software with support from Adobe, to one Best winner. (Adobe is not obligated to honor this sponsorship).

Award Laurels in Best categories will be issued to our top winners, along with Official Selections.

Festival may offer editing services to our Best Of winners.

Feature and promotion of your winning media across well branded and popular, highly trafficked websites and social pages.

Potential for interviews, reports, and additional promotions for you, your media production, and team.

Festival offers distribution to or in the following platforms at cost to selected entries; Amazon Prime, pitches to most cable networks including Dish TV, Netflix, Itunes, Hulu, and more. Pricing varies, please contact our festival for distribution @:

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email FFF immediately.

ALL Entries (Prizes and Awards entries *,**,†) accepted will be viewed at our final film festival event to be announced towards the end of our festival dates and for submission entries.

Freedom Film Festival is owned and operated by Sam Jenkins and his corporations or LLCs; LEAPS Program and Events on the Lawn