Sunshine Math FAQs

Sunshine Math FAQs

What is Sunshine Math?

Sunshine Math is a program designed as an enrichment opportunity for self-directed learners in mathematics. The basic purpose of Sunshine Math is to provide the extra challenge that self-motivated students need in mathematics, and to do so in a structured, long-term program that does not impinge on the normal classroom routine or the time of the teacher. This program was designed and purchased from the Florida Panhandle Area Consortium. This year, the program at our school is sponsored by Keller Williams and run by volunteer staff. It is considered an extracurricular activity, as it is not tied to the classroom curriculum at all.

How many worksheets should I expect?

The program runs 25 weeks for grades 1-5 and 10 weeks for Kindergarten. The Kindergarten program begins in the second half of the year. Worksheets are available through the school’s website and should be completed on a weekly basis. All completed worksheets should be returned to your child’s teacher.

What if my child can’t answer all of the questions?

If a problem is proving too difficult for your child, allow him/her to move on to another one and revisit that problem on another day. Encourage him/her to try his/her best and praise all efforts. Success does not necessarily mean getting all the answers correct, but can be measured by a gained confidence with numbers, a willingness to try, and an enjoyment of math. This is a voluntary, supplemental program that is supposed to be FUN! The program is not related to your child’s grade or his/her performance at school.

There are questions my child hasn’t learned at school yet! How can he/she be expected to know what to do?

Remember that Sunshine Math is a program designed to extend beyond their curriculum, so students are not expected to know all the answers. Please remind your child of this if he/she shows signs of discouragement. Questions that are new and unfamiliar will keep re-appearing—hopefully, by the end of the program, your child will be comfortable with them, having gained a better grasp of these newly introduced concepts. Children are NOT expected to know all the answers! Please refrain from doing the work for them. It is very reasonable to discuss the process of how to solve the type of question and to review the answers

How do I know the answer is correct?

The Answer keys are available on the website for your convenience. We hope they will be a useful resource as you work with your child.

What if we don’t have time to do the worksheet this week?

With the understanding that your child’s homework takes priority over participating in the Sunshine Math program, please turn in worksheets whenever ready. However, we encourage you to make sure your child has returned all the completed worksheets to school before a scheduled Milestone, so that we may recognize his/her achievements.

What are the Milestones?

We would like to acknowledge your child’s efforts with Sunshine Math. That is why we established to have 3 Milestones during the year:

8 weeks – January 4, 2019. By that day a student has to show that he has completed 8 weeks of worksheets to be recognized.

16 weeks--- March 8,2019. By that day a student needs to show that he has completed 16 weeks of worksheets to be recognized.

25 weeks—May 17, 2019. By that day a student needs to complete 25 worksheets to be rewarded. (Kindergarten will have completed 10 worksheets)

The names of the students who have reached the first and second Milestones will be posted on the bulletin board at school, and mentioned in Monthly Minutes. The students who complete and turn in all of their worksheets by May 17, 2019 will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion at an award ceremony at the end of the school year.

Where do the students return their completed worksheets?

Once your child has completed one or more worksheets, he/she should bring them to school and place them in the Sunshine Math folder in his/her classroom. Your grade-volunteer will stop by the school each Friday to pick up the worksheets.

What if I do not want to participate in the program anymore?

Although we strongly encourage families to continue the program, you can always withdraw from the program by sending an email to your child’s Sunshine Math Grade Coordinator.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You are encouraged to contact your child’s Grade-Level Coordinator with your questions. You will receive his/her contact information once your child has signed up for the program.

You may also contact the Sunshine Math Program Coordinator at: Please do not ask the classroom teachers, since this program is independent of the classroom curriculum.