poster instructions

Printing posters in advance

We are offering to all FPSAC poster presenters the option to email us a PDF of your poster in advance, so we can print it here and have it ready for you by the start of the conference.

If you’d like to use this service, this is how it works:

  • Prepare a PDF file of your poster in a format of 36x48 inches.
  • Email the PDF file to Kate Moore at by June 30th, and preferably sooner so that we have enough time to print all the posters in time.
  • There is a fee of $10 USD per printed poster, which you can pay in cash or credit card at the conference. We will bring the printed posters to the poster sessions and hang then up for you in the morning of the day when the poster is presented (Monday or Tuesday).

Note that if you miss the deadline of June 30th, you’ll either have to bring the physical poster with you, or use the Dartmouth library printing services, which charges $48 per poster.

Here are some tips when preparing your poster:

  • Avoid large solid-colored areas and backgrounds, to speed up the printing and save ink.
  • Allow at least a 1’’ margin on all sides.

When to hang and remove your poster

  • If you sent your poster to, it will be hung for you the morning of your poster session. Otherwise, you can hang it up anytime after 9am on the day of your poster session.
  • All Monday posters should be removed by 9am on Tuesday.
  • All Tuesday posters should be removed by Thursday afternoon.