Contributed posters

We are offering to all FPSAC poster presenters the option to email us a PDF of your poster in advance, so we can print it here and have it ready for you by the start of the conference. See poster instructions for more detail.

The poster sessions will be on Monday and Tuesday from 5:15 to 7pm in Occom Commons.

Presenters in bold

Monday session (July 16)

  1. The canonical join complex for biclosed sets; Alexander Clifton, Peter Dillery and Alexander Garver
  2. On the Lattice Property of Shard Orders; Henri Mühle
  3. Shuffle-compatible descent statistics and quotients of quasisymmetric functions; Ira Gessel and Yan Zhuang
  4. Fighting fish and two-stack sortable permutations; Wenjie Fang
  5. The number of cycles with a given descent set; Sergi Elizalde and Justin Troyka
  6. Schur polynomials, entrywise positivity preservers, and weak majorization; Apoorva Khare and Terence Tao
  7. Schur-positivity of Equitable Ribbons; Foster Tom and Stephanie van Willigenburg
  8. Description of crystals for generalized Kac--Moody algebras using rigged configurations; Ben Salisbury and Travis Scrimshaw
  9. Semistable subcategories for tiling algebras; Monica Garcia and Alexander Garver
  10. The unipotent modules of GL_n(F_q) via tableaux; Scott Andrews
  11. Proof of Chapoton's conjecture on Newton polytopes of q-Ehrhart polynomials; Jang soo Kim and U-keun Song
  12. Cylindric Reverse Plane Partitions and 2D TQFT; Christian Korff and David Palazzo
  13. Variations of the Catalan numbers from some nonassociative binary operations; Nickolas Hein and Jia Huang
  14. The decomposition of 0-Hecke modules associated to quasisymmetric Schur functions; Sebastian König
  15. A formula for birational rowmotion on rectangles; Tom Roby and Gregg Musiker
  16. Convergence of uniform noncrossing partitions toward the Brownian triangulation; Jeremie Bettinelli
  17. Stability of the Heisenberg product on symmetric functions; Li Ying
  18. Parking Functions on Oriented Trees; Westin King and Catherine Yan
  19. Reverse plane partitions of skew staircase shapes and q-Euler numbers; Byung-hak Hwang, Jang Soo Kim, Meesue Yoo and Sun-mi Yun
  20. Combinatorics of X-variables in Finite Type Cluster Algebras; Melissa Sherman-Bennett
  21. On positroids induced by rational Dyck paths; Felix Gotti
  22. Enumerative Combinatorics of Prographs; Christophe Cordero
  23. Algebraic structures on integer posets; Viviane Pons and Vicent Pilaud
  24. Crystals and Schur P-positive expansions; Seung-Il Choi and Jae-Hoon Kwon
  25. Topology of Posets with Special Partial Matchings; Nancy Abdallah, Mikael Hansson and Axel Hultman
  26. A parking function interpretation for nabla m_{n,1^k}; Emily Sergel
  27. P-Partition Generating Function Equivalence of Naturally Labeled Posets; Ricky Liu and Michael Weselcouch
  28. The Canonical Join Complex of the Tamari lattice; Emily Barnard
  29. The center of the twisted Heisenberg category, factorial P-Schur functions, and transition functions on the Schur graph; Henry Kvinge, Can Oguz and Michael Reeks
  30. Doppelgangers: The Ur-operation and Posets of Bounded Height; Nathaniel Hopkins, Thomas Browning and Zander Kelley
  31. Crystal graphs, key tabloids, and nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials; Sami Assaf and Nicolle Gonzalez
  32. Macpherson's conjecture holds: The orbit algebra of a permutation group with polynomial profile is finitely generated; Nicolas M. Thiéry and Justine Falque
  33. The volume of the caracol polytope; Carolina Benedetti, Rafael S. González D'León, Christopher Hanusa, Pamela E. Harris, Apoorva Khare, Alejandro Morales and Martha Yip
  34. Whitney labelings and 0-Hecke algebra actions on graded posets; Rafael S. González D'León and Joshua Hallam
  35. Cluster fan of z-vectors and toric degenerations; Gleb Koshevoy

Tuesday session (July 17)

  1. A bijective proof and generalization of Siladic's theorem; Isaac Konan
  2. Ordered set partitions and the 0-Hecke algebra; Jia Huang and Brendon Rhoades
  3. Differential posets, Cayley graphs, and critical groups; Ayush Agarwal and Christian Gaetz
  4. One-dimensional packing: maximality implies rationality; James Propp
  5. Cyclically Symmetric Lozenge Tilings of a Hexagon with Four Holes; Tri Lai and Ranjan Rohatgi
  6. On a variant of Lie_n; Sheila Sundaram
  7. Crystal graphs for shifted tableaux; Ezgi Kantarci and Sami Assaf
  8. Hook length property of d-complete posets via q-integrals; Jang Soo Kim and Meesue Yoo
  9. Generalized nil-Coxeter algebras; Apoorva Khare
  10. Decorated Dyck paths and the Delta conjecture; Michele D'Adderio and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
  11. PBW bases and marginally large tableaux in types B and C; Jackson Criswell, Ben Salisbury and Peter Tingley
  12. Increasing Labelings, Generalized Promotion and Rowmotion; Kevin Dilks, Jessica Striker and Corey Vorland
  13. Macdonald cumulants and G--parking functions; Maciej Dołęga
  14. Enumerating permutations sortable by k passes through a pop-stack; Anders Claesson and Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson
  15. Connectivity Properties of Factorization Posets in Generated Groups; Henri Mühle and Vivien Ripoll
  16. A labelled variant of the matchings-Jack and hypermap-Jack conjectures; Andrei Kanunnikov, Valentin Promyslov and Ekaterina Vassilieva
  17. K-theoretic Pieri rule via iterated residues; Justin Allman and Richard Rimanyi
  18. Prism Tableaux for Alternating Sign Matrix Varieties; Anna Weigandt
  19. Combinatorial bases of polynomials; Dominic Searles
  20. Eulerian polynomials on segmented permutations; Arthur Nunge
  21. On e-positivity and e-unimodality of chromatic quasisymmetric functions; Soojin Cho and Jisun Huh
  22. On cyclic descents for tableaux; Ron Adin, Victor Reiner and Yuval Roichman
  23. Action of the symmetric group on the free LAnKe: a CataLAnKe Theorem; Tamar Friedmann, Philip Hanlon, Richard Stanley and Michelle Wachs
  24. On the number of λ-unimodal involutions; Kassie Archer, Angela Gay, Marin King, L.-K. Lauderdale, Thomas Lupo, Gin Privett and Francesca Rossi
  25. Hypergraphic polytopes: combinatorial properties and antipodes; Carolina Benedetti, Nantel Bergeron and John Machacek
  26. Bases of the quantum matrix bialgebra and induced sign characters of the Hecke algebra; Ryan Kaliszewski, Justin Lambright and Mark Skandera
  27. Delta Operators at q=1 and polyominoes; Marino Romero and Angela Hicks
  28. A Pieri Rule for key polynomials; Sami Assaf and Danjoseph Quijada
  29. New properties of the Edelman-Greene bijection; Samu Potka and Svante Linusson
  30. Genus From Sandpile Torsor; Alex McDonough
  31. Product formulas for standard tableaux of a family of skew shapes; Alejandro Morales, Igor Pak and Greta Panova
  32. On the Schur expansion of Jack polynomials; Per Alexandersson, James Haglund and George Wang
  33. Dual Equivalence Graphs and CAT(0) Combinatorics; Anastasia Chavez and John Guo
  34. A Schur-Weyl like construction of the rectangular representation for the double affine Hecke algebra; David Jordan and Monica Vazirani