Gift Giving and Planning

Charitable Gifts and Endowments

Estate planning is very important and something many of us never get around to doing. It’s a strategy that dictates the management of our accumulated assets and helps protect where and how our money will be invested, not only while we are alive, but also after we’ve passed.

A wonderful way to continue your faithful presence in the First Presbyterian Church of Boonton is through charitable gifting or establishing an endowment trust. Charitable requests can be written in to your will to specify exactly how your contributions should be used, which may be to a specific church mission, education programs or a special interest you may have.

These types of charitable plans provide tax incentives and benefits during your lifetime and continue to benefit many of your fellow church members long after you’re gone.

This is an important decision and we recommend discussing this with your family and well qualified financial and legal advisors. Together they will take into consideration not just your immediate financial situation, but also your long-term health, financial dependents and special beneficiaries.

To learn more about charitable giving or establishing an endowment to the First Presbyterian Church of Boonton, please call … Reverend Jen 973-334-3535 x 101 or email