Usher Volunteers



Copies of these instructions can also be found under the back pew

Before Worship Service

  • Arrive at 9:30 (or half hour before service)

  • Post hymn numbers (numbers are kept in a box shelf in flower room)

  • Retrieve three collection plates from flower room and place in rear of Sanctuary (find them under communion cabinet)

  • Retrieve hearing devices from the shelf above the sinks in the flower room (kept in a plastic box). Keep track of who uses one and be sure to get them back before the user leaves worship

  • Make sure flowers are on the two flower stands

  • 10 minutes before service

    • Light candles. Please use the brass candlewick for lighting candles. Once lit, extinguish wick by blowing it out rather than retracting wick into into lighter, which causes wax build up

    • Take wick caps off before lighting candles and store out of sight at base of candle

    • There’s a lighter by the lectern and extra matches are in the Flower Room

  • Place bulletins at handicap entrance & greet those who come through that door

  • Offer a bulletin to worshipers with a warm smile

  • As you seat visitors, alert them to step-up into pews

  • Offer an activity to families with young children (located under back pews)

During Worship

  • Close sanctuary doors once the choir and minister have entered

  • Keep center doors close so that latecomers enter through the side doors

  • Seat latecomers during hymns. Ask them to wait in the back during prayers and scripture readings

  • Go forward (using all 3 aslies) when indicated in the bulletin and collect prayer request forms. Give completed requests either to Betty Tilli or the Pastor. Otherwise, place them on the church secretary’s desk at the conclusion of the service

  • Complete the Worship Record Form (green tally sheet). Count the number of children during Time for Children.


  • Take offering plates to front of chancel steps, walking single usher in front and two behind. Single usher moves down the center aisle and the other two split to the side aisles

  • Take plates forward as the Congregation stands to sing the Doxology. Remain in front until signing of Doxology is concluded

  • On communion Sundays, servers will present offering with elements

  • Open doors during the last hymn

After Worship

  • Collect hearing devices, place them into plastic box and return to flower room

  • Extinguish candles using the brass candlewick and replace wick caps

  • Place worship record in with the offerings

  • Remove hymn numbers and return them to box in flower room

  • Check the pews for forgotten items and pick up discarded bulletins and return them to the church office

  • Straighten bibles and hymnals (books are stored with open ends facing up. Not Down)

  • Replenish pew offering envelopes and prayer requests

  • Close windows

  • Secure the toggle locks on the outside doors

  • Turn off fans and lights (switch box located near Church Street door