Supporting community and the Bay Area Food system while practicing shelter-in-place.
Centering the needs and voices of people of color, low-income communities by p
roviding trusted information to those able to take action.

Campaigns to support justice for those in need. More here.

Eat well and support local food with your dollars. More here.

Ways you can help provide for others. More here.

Need food, financial, or other help? More here.

Learn more and get additional information on COVID-19 here.

It's a good time to learn how to start a garden. More here.

This is a shared project of local leaders with deep experience in the Bay Area food system committed to sharing information to help us act. Learn more about us.

We want to acknowledge this was a quick response to an evolving situation and there are many organizations (such as "bay localize; rooted in resilience") we hope to connect and collaborate with as this grows. We are doing our best to center the needs and voices of the most affected by enabling those who have the ability to act well. This is not a perfect site, but we hope it's helpful. Updates made on Sundays.

Questions and queries can be sent to
#physicaldistancing #socialsolidarity #protectthepeople