Mount Mawson

There are two areas that the FOMF have been involved with.

One is the old hut site at the western end of the Mawson Plateau, see immediately below

The other is a rehabilitation are where the ground was graded to provide ski slope grooming. See lower down on this page

Old Rodway Hut Site

The spot has been under observation for a number of years as it is scar on the landscape that ought not be there. It is said to have had rehabilitation attempts made but without success.

The removal of the shadecloth on the nearby Mawson ski slope rehabilitation project, provided the opportunity to use some of the shadecloth in an attempt to rehabilitate the hit site. some of the cloth and pins were taken there and placed over the bare ground. Ina few spots holes were cut for some of the very few plants that had established on the site. Not quite enough shadecloth was brought along and that left a small bare area remaining; however on returning to base a portion was collected for using on another day.

On the way to the Tarn Shelf there is a bare area that once had a hut. Quite a low grade one from faint memory

It was removed at least 30 years ago and the scar is still there

See the photo below

Old hut site above Mawson track to Tarn Shelf

Ski Slope Revegetation

Shadecloth was placed on the site in February 2016 and removed in February 2019, precisely 3 years later.

The area is at the Mount Mawson ski tow in Mount Field National Park, which had undergone earthworks some two years previously. The area had been sown with some success and covered in a loose hessian. Naturally growth is slow at this 1200m altitude and animal grazing was also taking a toll on the herbs and grasses. A Wildcare grant of $1846 was received by the Friends of Mount Field and the task of laying out and pinning the approximately 700 sqm of shadecloth on this alpine area was undertaken in February 2016. In February 2019 it was deemed ready to be removed which was again carrand out the the FOMF.

Photos below show the before and after situation.

The slope prior to covering Feb 2016

Site with hessian and some light growth but with plenty of bare ground. February 2016

The ski field site with the shadecloth removed February 2019 Plenty of lush growth , including some quite thick on the bank.

It may not look so lush once the wildlife enjoys the feast.

View from near the top of the area February 2019

Large rocks at bottom of slope Feb 2016

Part of the bank with the large rocks at the bottom of the slope Feb 2019. Matches photo above it and has vegetated fairly well apart from around the large rock still exposed.