November 01-05, 2021. Paraná, Argentina.

We welcome you to the XVI Meeting on Recent Advances in Physics of Fluids and its Applications that will be held virtually from November 01-05, 2021.

Important deadlines will be posted during the next weeks!


The meeting includes a wide variety of topics within the Physcis of Fluids. The only requirement is the actuality and interest of the subject. A paradigm of the expected contributions is the experimental evidence in close relationship with theoretical models. Validation of models and associated calculation programs is also important. As a non-exclusive guide, some topics discussed in the last meetings are listed below:

By thematic discipline:

  • General Fluid Dynamics

  • General and non-Newtonian Flows

  • Magnetohydrodynamics

  • Electrohydrodynamics and Plasmas

  • Hydraulics, Thermohydraulics and Multiple Phase Flows.

By area of application

  • Surface coating: Wetting and de-wetting

  • Wind Engineering: Barriers

  • Special Technologies: Oil Industry

  • Biological Systems

  • Environmental Fluid Dynamics

  • Fluid Instabilities and Turbulence

  • Flows with Chemical Reactions

  • Granular Flows