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As a Man Thinks: How to Change Your World by Changing Your Thoughts

What if you could live your dreams? What if you could have the life that you desire? What if you could achieve greatness? Do you look at others and think, “Where did I go wrong?” Do you look at your friends and think, “Why can’t it be me with that job, house, or life?” The good news is.. it can be you! This book will help teach you the skills that you need to have the life that you envision. Using the principles of King Solomon, one of the wisest men to ever live, you will learn the steps towards living your dreams and having the life that you desire.

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As a Man Thinks: How to Change Your World by Changing Your Thoughts Workbook

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The Price of LOVE

The Price of Love is a tried practical approach for enhancing marriages. Focusing on six key areas using biblical principles, the author guides you into developing the necessary skills to strengthen any marriage. It’s a seven- week journey towards – Protection, Relationship health, exploring Intimacy, improving Communication, enhancing Empathy, and delving into the biblical meaning of love. Written from the perspective of counselor and wife, each easy to read chapter is packed with helpful resources, ideas, tools, and homework lessons to solidify the learning experience. In The Price of Love, you’ll discover important tools that can make your marriage the gift that God intended. Using the acronym “PRICE of Love,” you’ll discover: Protection: Our marriages are our most important investment. We must protect them from eternal forces. Learn specific marriages threats, and how to avoid them. Relationship: A marriage that is not nurtured, will not survive. Learn tools for “working on the relationship,” including the importance of “quality time,” and a plan for nurturing your relationship. Intimacy: God created intimacy as a gift, but good sex does not “just happen.” Learn the importance of intimacy, and how to overcome barriers. Communication: Good communication is vital. Learn about male and female communication differences, and tools to communicate effectively. Empathy: Empathy means to feel what the other person is feeling. Learn to “get inside your spouse’s skin” to meet his/her needs. Love: The biblical meaning of love is different from what is taught in today’s society. Learn the true meaning of love, and how to express Christ’s love.

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Discovering God’s Ceaseless, Unequivocal Unconstrained Love for me

Do you ever feel empty? Do the cares of life seem overwhelming? Do you wonder if God really loves you? In Discovering God’s Ceaseless, Unequivocal, Unconstrained Love for Me, the author embarks on a journey to find the resolution to these important questions. Learn how your life can be revolutionized by understanding the full extent of Christ’s love for you. Discover: Why you were created. What God intends for you. The depth of God’s love for you. How God’s love can change your situation. How to break free from the bondages of insecurity, fear, and failure. God has an awesome plan for your life. The plan begins with a full understanding of how much God loves you.

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Jesus and the Feasts: Unveiling the Mystery of Jesus in the Jewish Feasts

By delving into the Holidays of Hanukkah, Purim, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Passover, First Fruits, Pentecost, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Feast of Tabernacles a clear picture of Messiah is painted. Through the Feasts a story is unveiled.

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