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I created this website to share some of my pieces. Please let me know if you like any in particular or would like to commision something.

Here's a little bit about the pieces I create:

  • They are made with quality hardwoods

  • I like to showcase the natural beauty of the wood

  • I hand select each board for it's personality, even with defects

  • The lumber is milled and cut to size using machines, but the joinery and finshing tends to be by hand.

Holidays 2020 Heirloom Keepsake Boxes

This year, I am making a batch of around 20 beautiful keepsake boxes.

Click here: Keepsake Boxes to see them.

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I Use Better Wood

Yes, at first it is a strange proclamation. But it is the truth. My pieces showcase all of the natural shapes, colors, and unique qualities of hardwoods. These aren’t boards from Home Depot. They are selected by myself after patiently searching though the stock at my hardwood supplier. I find the boards that have the most character and then stew over them for usually a couple weeks or more. I arrange it in different ways, view it in different lights. Then, I design the piece around the lumber, cropping it as I see fit. It really is a spiritual thing, to let the wood tell you what to do with it. This wood was once a beautiful hardwood: walnut, cherry, purpleheart, oak, and especially, maple. Why maple? Maple is a tree that produces wood with so many stunning visual anomalies. The same is to be said about walnut. One thing I embrace is nature’s effect on the lumber. The lines in the grain that look like states on a map that are result of where decay had just about to begin, only to be stopped in its tracks by being properly milled, dried, and milled and shaped, and sanded, sanded, sanded. The effects of insects is my favorite to showcase.

Much of my wood of choice is ambrosia maple. It is so named because of the effect of the ambrosia beetles have on the tree. They bore tunnels in the tree and these tunnels in turn color the lumber with a wide spectrum of colors. Speaking of spectrum of colors, walnut. So many hues of brown with a touch of purple thrown in.

So long story short, these are pieces of art. Built to last, built to be respected for their aesthetic beauty. There is beautiful stuff being made with softwoods and pallets, and no disrespect to that. I just can’t get my creative hands on enough of the good materials that speak for themselves. Highlight Nature's Beauty

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to ask me any question that comes to mind.

–Philip Fiorio