Felix Fernandez, PhD

Principal Research Scientist, FHI 360

Felix Fernandez, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, directs FHI 360’s United States Programs research and evaluation agenda by capitalizing on the expertise throughout the larger organization, expanding research and evaluation efforts, and contributing to FHI 360's growing evidence base. He has over a decade of experience in mixed method evaluation designs, program evaluation, and educational interventions. Dr. Fernandez has conducted evaluation research on technology integration, education technologies, teacher professional development, dropout prevention, and student access, in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary setting with specific interest towards at-risk populations. He is well-versed in mixed-method evaluations that rely on existing data sources and case studies to document and inform baseline conditions, as well as provide in-depth analyses of best practices. Dr. Fernandez also has direct experience in conducting social experimental trials and procedures, including applying effective randomization techniques, using statistical matching procedures, and working within data confidentiality concerns. Moreover, he is an expert in the design and conduct of rigorous and comprehensive program evaluations.