Sewing Machines

Andrea - Comfortable Interface on the machine and good post-production features (scaling, moving) (.. but the intention for Turtlestitch is, that you do the scaling while programming, OTOH when things need to go fast it is comfortable when you can do it on the machine). Frame up to: 14,5 x 25,5 cm

Andrea - High end machine for home use. Newer, stronger concerning thicker material, more precision and much more possibilities for post production. It is a combination machine, which means, that it is also a sewing and quilting machine. Frame up to: 14,5 x 25,5 cm

Andrea - Very reliable. Relatively cheap and also ok for transportation (8 kg + the frame module).. but i think it may not be available anymore :(

Joek - Bought this machine second hand with some extra hoops for € 600 (February 2018)

John - Works a treat. Up to 7” X 5” (18cm X 13cm). Bought extra hoops so students can get one ready while another is stitching a design. A bit tricky sorting memory stick format to work with it- Found Linux to be better for this than Windows/Apple.

Richard - I am looking and researching - This seemed to be the replacement for the 750 above. Reviews suggest they are similar. I have just paid for an ex-demo F440E here in Ireland! (13/9/2017) :)

Andy - I have just purchased this machine and have not tried it yet - that excitement will be coming in the next couple of weeks. I chose it after reading Richard’s blog post.

Julia - It has a large hoop for bigger projects!

Bruce - just ordered!

Susan - This is the second machine for me as it has replaced the PE770. All good!

Susan - No problems at all! I chose this one because it seemed close to what Andrea was using and was available on Amazon Prime, a requirement of my funding source.

Janice - This had good reviews, a 5 x 7 embroidery surface and fit our budget. We are just starting to experiment with far so good.

Others' comments Richard - not recommended for use in countries that do not support 120V AC, even if a voltage adapter is in use.

Wolfgang - So far great, though we have just started. Very intuitive interface with color touch screen. Brother calls it a semi-professional model. The Brother VR is huge and really very heavy. Altogether, we paid 4,400.- € (incl. our 20% VAT). It automatically cuts yarns, makes color changes really easy, and has a laser pointer and preview mode. Sizes go from super tiny up to 20x20cm, speed up to 1000 spm.

Margaret - We have had this machine for over a year and it has been a very reliable machine and achieves good results. The onscreen help is valuable. It works well with TurtleStitch. Connecting via wifi would be a great addition to it. Brother give a discount to educational institutions.

Anonymous - Very happy with this machine. But it is not a cheap one. Costs: ~ € 3600

Simon - It has a small hoop of 13cm X 14.5cm, a big hoop of 18.2cm X 29.4cm and even a continuous frame(I have never tried that). It has no operating panel so it can’t accept memory sticks. It has to be operated from a laptop.It hasn’t disappointed me so far :-)

Summary of Experiences to date

The table below is an embedded GoogleDoc open to all to add further machines, experiences and comments. For general hints on what machine to choose, see the web page here:

Sewing Machines