Exclusive life insurance leads

Life insurance leads

Are you considering your options for robust exclusive life insurance leads aggregators to give your life insurance business a new lifeline? Are you struggling with closing sales using your in-house lead generation? Do you feel that your insurance leads generation effort is not bearing any fruits? If yes, it's high time you hired a specialist. We are here to offer you exclusive leads.

We have an aggressive team that's talented in coming up with innovative strategies to break down any hurdles that might have made you not to get any meaningful exclusive life insurance leads.

The several years we've been in service have helped us perfect our contact approach to help beef up leads life insurance qualification. Of all the lead companies, we are the best when it comes to delivering qualifying insurance leads right to the doorstep of your insurance agents.

What Does Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Mean?

Exclusive life insurance leads are an asset to life insurance agents or any other person interested in life insurance leads. Exclusive insurance leads are sold to a single agency or agent. That means exclusive term life insurance leads have higher chances of leading to a conversion than shared leads.

Like in our case, we only aggregate exclusive life insurance leads then sell them to health insurance agents or companies. We understand that a shared life insurance lead has a lower conversion rate than an exclusive insurance lead.

Studies have shown that the number of consumers shopping online for the best life insurance has increased by over 50% in the recent past. Many of these consumers request quotes from life insurance leads generators rather than directly from the life insurance agents. Our duty is to analyze these requests and avail to you only high-quality life leads that we feel will lead to a conversion.

The Services We Offer

We've built a strategy that helps us find and nurture insurance leads, which makes us stand tall among our peers. No wonder our clients have reported conversion rates of 40% and more.

We have exclusive life insurance leads that we provide to our clients in real-time. The data we collect is from clients who seriously need the best life insurance quotes. Our data collection process ensures we get the best insurance leads for agents.

The information we collect on our leads for life insurance include:

● Marital Status

● Major Health issues

● Occupation

● Drug or Tobacco Use

● Minimum and Maximum BMI (Body Mass Index)

● Minimum and Maximum Age

● Policy Term and Type

● Minimum or Maximum Coverage Amount

● Uninsured or Insured

● Geographic Filters

All our exclusive life insurance leads are accompanied by excellent customer service from our experts. With all this information, you can be sure that we'll provide you with the best life insurance leads. We generate life leads through different channels to help us gather all this information fast enough.

The lead services we offer include:

1. Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competitors' lead generation strategy is the best way to scale up your marketing strategies and get qualifying insurance leads. We'll bring you valuable insights to help you navigate what your competitors are up to.

We have an analytic department with adequate bandwidth to carry out complex data analysis and develop campaign metrics that can help you attract qualifying leads. You can contact us for more information about this service.

2. Personalized Digital Marketing

We'll help you build your brand by creating a fully personalized digital marketing plan. With the ability to explore markets, you'll be in a better position to promote your business, where you're likely to get clients.

The potential clients who respond to your promotion will be background checked to ensure they fit your lead criteria. We can use a multichannel approach to run earned and paid media campaigns to ensure you reach a wider audience.

3. Lead Followup

Our main goal is to generate insurance leads for agents, but some insurance leads can show interest then disappear. We can help you do followups on these insurance leads to ensure they are brought on board. We are passionate about nurturing leads to make them tick. As we continue prospecting for new leads, we'll also follow up on all those who've shown some interest. We don't want to lose any lead that we feel has a genuine interest.

4. Campaign Management

You may not be able to carry out an effective marketing campaign because you have other business issues to attend to. Outsourcing campaign management to a competent provider like us will relieve you of this responsibility to concentrate on core business activities. You'll have our campaign management tools at your disposal plus a smart dashboard created specifically for you.

Why Choose Us?

One of the reasons why we have repeat clients is that we have fresh exclusive insurance leads. This explains why our clients get higher conversion rates. Your in-house team will no longer have to struggle with leads generation with our services; neither will your agents waste time chasing unproductive leads.

We provide fresh insurance leads for agents any day at any time. That's why when we provide you with an insurance lead, you can be sure that it will most likely lead to a conversion.

We usually run paid and organic multichannel marketing campaigns to target potential consumers who are actively seeking life insurance or information about life insurance coverage that can suit their needs. We deal only with highly targeted leads.

Get the Best Exclusive Insurance Leads Today!

If you are in the market for exclusive life insurance leads that can help you grow your business, don't look further than our company. We lead in this industry because of our excellent customer service.

We'll reduce the workload on your insurance agents so they can focus on selling life insurance rather than prospecting for high-quality leads. Our exclusive leads are quite affordable, so you won't have to worry about your bottom line. We analyze lead quality before we start pursuing a prospect.

Contact us today, and let's start prospecting for your leads for life insurance.

We have a dedicated team of account managers who are always on call, ready to answer all your questions about exclusive whole life insurance leads and exclusive final expense life insurance leads, or about anything you may want to know about leads generation.

When you contact us, this team will help set up an account for you and ensure that the account is active 24/7. We'll provide you with a dashboard that you can log in and access anytime you feel like. The dashboards have filters so you can customize your leads to meet your marketing needs.

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