Human rights are increasingly absent in a world-changing at warp speed. The global pandemic has made this absence in North America (United States) absolutely visible. The veil has been lifted for those with the will to see that African American women, our children, our families, our men, and boys are not able to respectfully live with dignity. Wisdom Institute’scall to action is knowing that our right to be human is the glue that binds us. For us, recognizing and honoring human rights is the difference between life and death. It is essential to our human sustainability, enabling us not only to survive but thrive. It is the right to water. What happens to the womb without water? She shrivels and dies. It is the right to counsel if facing eviction.

Wisdom Institute is calling womanist Sisters and Brothers to the greatness of responding to African American womanhood and girlhood with respect and generosity by re-imagining our Detroit Human Rights Department and by agitating for the formulation of a Commission on the State of African American Womanhood Girlhood in Detroit. It will be a Commission that engages with grass-root and womb sensibilities, historical reference points at the center, and art as its interpretation and voice. We are stepping up our game to endure the legacy of African American women. We are Passing the Torch, Preserving the Flame. Given our sheer numbers, 357,000 women of voting age in Detroit, we can have an impact on transformation. At the very least, we can set an example. It may take a generation to create a positive shift, but we have to start somewhere. Here and now is that somewhere. These are the seeds we can all plant. One at a time.

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Water Affordability

Women’s organizations have been calling for a Detroit water affordability plan for more than three decades. An affordability plan was demonstrated to be a success during the Coleman A. Young administration; then it was dropped. The water affordability plan was a Charter Amendment put to a vote on August 3, 2021, by the people’s elected Charter Commission. But, in a low voter turnout and a “vote no” campaign fueled by corporate-backed and dark money resources, it was defeated! Over 140,000 water shutoffs in Detroit! Who benefits from the “no” vote? Not African American women for sure who are at the bottom of every measure of the quality of life in Detroit!

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Detroit Right to Counsel

Wisdom Institute has joined the national movement that recognizes the need for legal representation as a right for tenants being evicted or displaced. We believe housing is a human right and we are working with the Detroit Right to Counsel and Michigan Voices to gain support for a right to a lawyer for people facing eviction and displacement in Detroit.

There are 40,000 evictions a year in Detroit. On average, 1 in 5 rental households face eviction each year. 90% of landlords have lawyers. Only 5% of low-income renters had lawyers. 30% who are evicted are Black women heading households in our City. They are our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins, Sisterfriends.

“ 2015 alone, the vast majority of landlords who took their renters to court were themselves operating illegally.” (Detroit News)

Our Network Partner, Detroit People's Platform asks in their recent newsletter -- “If foreclosures and evictions are the fault of an individual homeowner or renter, why do we see the devastation all across Detroit and other urban areas where significant numbers of working and low-income individuals and families live?” Mass displacement is intentional and driven by public policies.

Since 2017, major cities and one state have passed right to counsel laws: New York City, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Denver, San Francisco and many others are following.

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