“Those charged with the responsibilities of protecting people and our planet would do well to consider the critical role community members play in assessing public policies. Learning to listen to voices motivated by care and compassion, rather than corporate greed, protects life.”

(Shea Howell, Boggs Center)

As womanists, we center African American women to create opportunities to better our health, education, and well-being. We take actions to inform voters to strategize, rise up to carrying out on-the-ground acts to diminish barriers to voting.

Our right to be human is the glue that binds us! Access to affordable water and the right to counsel if facing eviction are human rights.

Healing justice is our intersection, and from it flows gender justice and human rights. We are a network of womanist healing practitioners, artists, and activists who have come together to collaborate as a community.

Everyone Counts Coalition Detroit is a partnership of community-based organizers--individuals, organizations, and neighborhood businesses in Detroit’s District 2. Initially, we were a 10-month collaborative project working to ensure that our neighborhoods were fully counted in the 2020 Census. We went to 5,000 doors and increased the count in the under-counted precincts that we targeted. After the Census campaign, we accepted the long-term call of the Wisdom Institute, an African American women-led organization, to continue and deepen our work together under the umbrella of healing justice.