Providing opportunities for women to improve our health, education, and well-being have effects far beyond a single individual. A woman multiplies the impact of an investment injustice by extending benefits to the world around her, creating a better life for her family, and building a strong community –— a strong nation!

Wisdom Institute is looking to womanists -- women and men who are committed to justice for African American girls, women, and our families. Womanists are earth — the soil that supports and nurtures living things, giving solid footing to those around us. We are wind — the power that sweeps away old fears and carries new ideas like springtime. We are fire, igniting the power and passion in others. We give warmth on cold, wintry nights, and clear the way for new beginnings. We are water, irresistible. No obstacle can stop us. We go over, under, around, and through. We change forms to steam or ice or rain. We bring life wherever we go. We touch everyone we meet. (WI’s Womanist praxis and activism model adapted from a meditation by Laurie Beth Jones)

Voter Protection

An anti-voter movement is sweeping this country--again and always!. Laws are being enacted that blatantly undermine and suppress the voting rights of indigenous, African American, people of color. These acts are the undeniable persistence of inequity.

Will you join us as we take actions to inform voters, to strategize and step up (Rise Up!) to carry out on-the-ground acts to diminish barriers to voting?

Our low voter turnout rate in Detroit calls for a radical shift in women’s understanding of ENFRANCHISED POWER for our good. BE one of 357,000 women of voting age living in Detroit to join our cause for voting protection, freedom, and liberation.

Sign up today and be ALERT, on WATCH and ACTUALIZE our freedom and liberation through a womanist lens.


Reproductive Justice

Wisdom Institute stepped up to join Michigan’s largest reproductive justice coalition that exclusively centers indigenous, black, women of color in driving public dialogue and conversations in order to create policies that protect our right to own our bodies and the decisions made about our bodies. We want to ensure Black women who are disproportionately dying in childbirth are centered in the conversation to have easier access to contraceptive care and childcare, great reproductive care for incarcerated women, and a guaranteed expansion of reproductive freedom.

We join an African American Sister- led reproductive justice movement building across the nation. Wisdom Institute is unapologetically angry with compassion and our capacity to give a damn. Listening to our SisterFriends’ reminders of how alive we are, how connected we are through all of our complexities and disagreements, the Institute supports the shape-shifting demands of: