For us, Wisdom Institute, healing justice is our intersection, and from it flows gender justice, human rights, water affordability, voter protection, reproductive justice and, art-making. A network of womanist healing practitioners, artists, and activists has come together as a participatory community. We hold that healing justice requires us to walk this journey decolonizing our thoughts and beliefs -- being audacious and bodacious in claiming the relevancy of womb-centered lives. If you don’t understand what we mean by this, attend our Wisdom Lessons series, then you will come to know that which is already inside of you!

Research shows that women prefer healing together. We step into this nearly impossible work, offering a network of womanist healing practitioners who are our guides in deeds and solidarity, in a principled critique of revolutionary evolutionary love, sacred text scholarship (link to Rev. Roz’s paper), imagining words -- a radical womanist lexicon (link) that we choose (are choosing?).

#Healing Isn't Always Joy & Ease

by Dr. Khephera Jesal

Healing is #painful

Healing is #uncomfortable

Healing is a life long #journey

Healing is #not to be #performed. It is to be #experienced

Healing does not always look like #exhilaration. Healing does not always look like #smiling and being at ease.

Healing can be #crying throughout the day.

Healing can be #sitting through the pain because to heal it -- you have to feel it.

Healing can be #lashing out at people.

Healing can be #untameable.

Healing can be #disconnecting from the world so that you can understand the spirit of the wound.

Healing can be #acknowledging your #traumas and how it affects your life.

Healing can be #ignoring the phone call.

Healing can be #cutting off energetic ties to someone.

Healing is whatever YOU #need to Be. There is no right or wrong way to heal. The only thing that matters is that you do it authentically.

Allow YourSelf To Heal

  • Rise, see and take bold steps toward a womanist future -- womb ideology -- healing justice-centered spirituality, revolutionary evolutionary love, a womanist interrogation and interpretation of sacred texts

  • Systems of politics and power are male-dominated and rooted in inequity

  • Advance our thinking and bring women together to contribute to a lexicon and state of being to drive radical path making for enfranchised power

  • Create a real-time environment of opportunities for African American women to act and lead in our own ways.

  • Embrace a SpiritMindBody approach to power that is grounded in an understanding that African American women, oppressed and repressed, still rise.

  • Recognize that “power with” (rather than “power over” and “power to”) is most important in movement building, activism, and the right of women to be human. We work different levers of anti-womanhood and anti-girlhood systems. Our potential for creativity, flexibility, and risk-tolerance is paving a path to solidarity.

  • Focus on growing and honoring the “We” and the “I”. Pay close attention to vesting in working and partnering with those who embrace the best life for African American womanhood

Join our quest to elevate African American womanhood and girlhood. We would love to count on your SpiritMindBody genius!

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